Heart Skips A Beat - Sequel to Heart Racing

Daisy has finally realised her feelings for Niall, leaving Harry in the dust. But will Harry put up with her leaving him for his worst enemy? And what about Liam, who has a girlfriend he doesn't love and feelings for Daisy that he shouldn't have? The more these feelings hang around, the more trouble these love-struck teenagers will conjur up. Read and vote: #Niall, #Harry, or #Liam?


5. Here I Come





"Let's go in here. It's worth a try, right?" Eleanor suggested. I shrugged and we pushed our way into Forever21. We'd been to ten shops drying to find a dress for me to wear to winter formal, and so far everything looks terrible. Eleanor and I raked through the racks. Rack after rack after rack, and we had almost given up hope by the time we reached the preppier clothes.


"Nothing's going to be here, El." I said. El shrugged and continued to examine a few dresses. She grabbed them off the rack, but I knew I wasn't getting any of the ones she had chosen. They were all too Eleanor-ish, not Daisy-ish.


"What about this one, Daze?" Eleanor held up a hounds tooth shift dress. "If I hemmed it and tailored a better cut in at the waist, it would be perfect." She said, examining the dress. It was the dress I liked the best so far, the pattern was so basic in black and white and not too busy or cliche, like those fitted-top dresses that had glitter and flared out with ruffles and a metallic belt. I hated those dressses, they were so... Thirteen.


"I'll try it on." I said. Eleanor grinned and rushed off to get shoes and tights and accessories to we could try on the whole outfit. After ten minutes of watching her flip through different accessories, Eleanor finally grabbed my wrist and pulled me with her to a fitting room.


I closed the door behind me and stepped into the dress, which was fitted at the shoulders and sleeves, and then fell in a straight line to my knees. I sighed and put on the black tights and heels, and pulled my hair into a loose chignon before putting on the headband. I didn't look too bad, the dress just wasn't... quite right. I opened the door and El hopped to her feet, a few baby pins in her hands. I flinched as she pulled at the material and poked pins in here and there, and finally, she stepped back.


The dress I saw in the mirror wasn't even close to being the same dress I put on in the dressing room. It was fitted to my torso with two pleats under my jubblies, and then the waist was folded over and pinned so I looked slim and like I actually had hips. She had folded the bottom over so it hit a few inches above the knee, showing just enough skin.


"Eleanor, I love it!" I grinned at her, but my eyes quickly flitted back to the mirror. The black tights paired with the black heels made my legs look miles long, and if I curled my hair just a little and tossed it in a bun with the headband, it would be perfect. Eleanor dropped a thin silver necklace around my neck and a few thin black bangles, and it looked.... amazing.


"You're getting it. All of it."




I layed back on the couch, careful that my hair was at the right angle before I rested my head on the pillow. My feet were cramping in these heels and I had a nervous twitch in my cheek, and Niall hadn't even picked me up yet. I liked him so much, and more than anything I wished he would kiss me tonight. My pajamas were at Louis' house, as I had dropped them off ten minutes ago in my full dance attire.


"You look.... wow." Louis had said when he opened the door, his shirt yet to be tucked in and his suspenders hanging lazily around his legs. My cheeks when pink at the thought, it was so sweet of him. I did look 'wow,' though. I looked better than wow. I hoped Niall would realise that. Maybe, when we were all at Louis' house for the night (I had practically begged my parents, but they said it was alright as long as there was no naughty business) that Niall would tell me he liked me too.


I tried not to get my hopes up. The doorbell rang and anybody watching probably would have thought I had a seizer after seeing my reaction. I got slowly to my feet and straightened my hair before walking over to the door.


"Dais- Woah." Niall said, his mouth dropping open and his face going blank. I blushed and took in what he was wearing. His suit was black, and he had a white shirt, suspenders, and a hounds tooth tie. Niall's hair was jelled back just right, and I wasn't sure if my mind was playing tricks on me, but his blue eyes looked even bluer than usual. By the time I was done looking him over, Niall had recovered enough to blush and close his mouth.


"Uh, ready to go?" He asked. I nodded, grabbing my mustard yellow tote that I had bought on a whim a year ago. Finally, it was coming in handy. My outfit had needed a pop of colour, and this was just right. I blew my parents and kiss and grabbed Niall's hand, which was hanging limply at his side as he held the door for me. Was it just me, or did his cheeks go a little pink when I slipped my hand into his? I shrugged it off. Just have fun, Daisy. Don't focus on your little crush all night. But that was the thing. It wasn't just a little crush.


"You look amazing, Daisy. Woah." Niall said, pulling the car door open for me. I giggled and hopped into the side door of his car.


"Thanks, Niall. You look alright." I replied, not looking at him and keeping a straight face. Niall sort of stared at me for a second before I looked up at his cute little frown with a grin on my face. "I'm kissing- I mean kidding. You look really, really good, Niall." I assured him. Niall chuckled nervously and turned on the radio before driving off to Liam's house, where his mum had prepared a huge feast for us. I watched Niall's leg bounce nervously, and he tapped his fingers at lightning pase on the steering wheel. Was it possible he was just as nervous as I was?


We pulled up in front of Liam's house and Niall literally sprinted around the car to open the door for me. I giggled as I took his hand and hopped down on to the sidewalk. "Thank you, good sir."


"Milady." Niall put on a very formal voice and gave me a bow, holding my hand delicately. I giggled and courtseyed, then grabbed both of his hands and tugged him up the walk with me. I reached out and rang the doorbell, and I felt Niall's arm slip around my waist. Omygod, remain calm. REMAIN CALM. My heart was a mile a minute, my hands were clammy. Oh dear GOD.


"I can feel your heartbeat." Niall whispered with a smirk on his face as Liam swung open the door. Wow he looked good. I almost missed Niall's comment, taking a double take when I saw Liam in a suit. How had I not seen this sooner. Oh man. This was going to be a complicated night.


Liam frowned a little when he saw Niall's arm around my waist and that his head was so close to mine. This looked bad. I blushed a little and stepped through the door, so Niall's arm slipped off my side. I felt bad doing it because I really liked Niall, but a part of me also really liked Liam. Even though he was going to the dance with Jade, it was kind of apparent that he got jealous of Niall as well. At least this relationship wasn't one sided.


"Daisy! Oh my fucking God!" Perrie squealed, rushing over as fast as she could in her twenty million inch high heels. She pulled me into a bone-crushing hug and squealed the whole time. I heard a chuckled behind me and Niall grabbed my hand again, pulling me away from Perrie and Jade gently.


"Sorry, ladies. Tonight I have dibs." Niall said. I blushed and looked at the floor as Niall lead me to the dining room and pulled out my chair for me. Niall seemed really... interested in me tonight.


And I really, really liked it.

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