Heart Skips A Beat - Sequel to Heart Racing

Daisy has finally realised her feelings for Niall, leaving Harry in the dust. But will Harry put up with her leaving him for his worst enemy? And what about Liam, who has a girlfriend he doesn't love and feelings for Daisy that he shouldn't have? The more these feelings hang around, the more trouble these love-struck teenagers will conjur up. Read and vote: #Niall, #Harry, or #Liam?


8. Happy Christmas



I rolled out of bed and tucked my feet into the soft slipper-boots Mum and I had bought in the shopping district last Friday. I tucked in my leggings and pulled my biggest, warmest jumper on and finally, after putting on some mascara, trudged down the stairs.


Mum and Dad were sitting in the nook, sipping tea and reading the newspaper. Tyler was tapping his toe against his bar stool and trying to concentrate on his brekkie, but he jumped up with a huge grin on his face when I entered the room.


"Finally! Presents!"




I carried my load of gifts upstairs, preparing for a long day of cleaning my room and an 80's movie marathon. From my mum I had gotten a new phone, some clothes, and the cutest pair of earrings from Topshop. Dad had given me some albums, a locator for my car keys, and a wad of cash in an envelope, and from Tyler I had gotten some new UGGS (clearly Mum had chosen those, but he had signed the card) and new headphones that fit my phone.


When my clothes were hung in my wardrobe and my boots were tucked on the shoe rack in the hall, I made my bed and promptly fell back on the puffy douvet, pulling the plush accent blanket up over my legs and kicking my slippers on the floor. The beginning credits of The Breakfast Club started to roll and I scrolled through Facebook and Twitter until the real story started.




"Daisssyyyyy?" A voice sang, and my door slid against the carpet as it opened carefully. I jolted out of my half asleep state and paused the movie. Looking around, I spotted a mess of blonde hair atop a pale boy in track pants and a hoodie. Niall grinned and shut the door behind him, walking over and crawling under the blanket with me.


"Hey, Niall." I yawned, arching my back and sighing when it popped. "Happy Christmas."


"Happy Christmas to you too!" Niall said happily, un-pausing the movie and leaning back against my pillows. I loved the way he made himself right at home. "Hope you don't mind me being here. Eleanor is having a Christmas party and I promised to come drive you over, but I got bored and decided to come early."


"It's fine. I've mostly been dozing off all day." I admitted, smiling up at Niall. He smiled back and pulled a small box out of his pocket, which I hadn't noticed before.


"Then busy yourself opening this present!" Niall grinned and let out a nervous laugh, avoiding my eyes and staring at the telle instead. I nervously undid the messy bow, which showed that Niall had even wrapped it himself. I gently lifted the lid and gasped. The cutest little phone charm sat on top of a bed of white tissue paper. Gingerly, I lifted it out of the box and looked at it, the way the rose-gold shone and the little jewels glittered.


"This is adorable! I love it!" I grabbed my new phone off the table next to my bed and pushed the charm into the headphone dock, turning my phone around and around to admire it. Niall chuckled and pointed at the box again, finally looking at me.


"There's something else." He instructed, and I set my phone down to pull the last bit out of the box. Under the tissue paper was a rose-gold necklace with a tiny little crown, just like the phone charm. I gasped even louder than before and pulled it out, clipping it around my neck and jumping up to look in the mirror at my new accessories. Niall laughed and got up, standing behind me in the mirror.


"I have one too." He blushed, pulling his usual clover necklace out and showing me a manlier crown attached the clasp at the back. I grinned and wrapped my arms around him, hugging him until even I couldn't breathe.


"Air, Daisy." Niall joked when I let him go. I waved a hand at him as if to say, oh-whatever and we climbed back on the bed, him watching the movie while I admired his gift. I felt bad that I hadn't gotten him a gift, but I decided it was never too late.


"Stay righhhhttt here." I instructed Niall, patting the bed and running out of the room. I dashed to the kitchen where I turned on the oven and started pulling things out of the cabinets. Thirty minutes later I had a fresh batch of chocolate chip cookies on  a plate, all warm and goopy. I carried the plate with me to my room, finding Niall changing movies to Sixteen Candles.


"Happy Christmas! Here's your gift." I said, taking over the TV and handing Niall the cookies. He laughed and kissed my temple, making my heart flutter. I put in the DVD and sat back next to him, steeling a cookie. We ate until we felt sick, and then I disappeared to the bathroom to change into my outfit for the party while Niall got his clothes from the car and changed in the guest bathroom.


I slipped into the short grey skirt, which hugged my almost-bum. I layered a fitted shirt under my boxy navy top, and then added some navy knee-socks and brown boots, as well as a brown cardigan and some jewelry. I told myself that I was never going to take off Niall's necklace, it was too special. It was the symbol of my love that would never be returned. Just because we almost kissed that one time, in a romantic setting, doesn't mean he likes me.


There was a knock at the door and I put on one last coat of mascara before opening the door. Niall's face lit up, and I grinned at him in his pressed jeans and nice sweater and blazer combo. He took my arm and we said goodbye to my winking mother before we drove off to Eleanor's party.




The party was crazy. All of the usual people were there, along with their families. My parents always stayed home for Christmas and weren't party people, so they stayed home tonight. I spotted Mrs. Horan and Greg across the room, though, and they both grinned and waved at me.


"Daisy! Niall!" Eleanor's voice shouted brightly, and she emerged from the groups of people with Louis attached to her arm and an enormous, sparkling silver ring on her right index finger.


"Eleanor!" I shouted back, and she gave me a huge hug.


"Did you see this ring Louis got for me? It's so heavy I have to struggle to hold my arm up." Eleanor breathed in my ear as she pulled me in for a hug. I giggled and glanced over her shoulder at Niall and Louis, who were both holding cans of soda and talking away.


"Niall got me this necklace and a cute little phone charm." I pulled away and held up my necklace, tilting it so that the little jewels glistened. Eleanor squealed and her eyes lit up even brighter, if it was possible. I laughed and dropped the necklace, showing her the phone charm. Eleanor shoved my phone away and clutched my arm.


"Does this mean you two are going out now?" Eleanor waved off Louis, who was walking over to us again. "By the way, Louis had been keeping me updated on all of your conversations. I mean, I knew you liked him since the day he asked you to formal, but Lou has told me about your failed plans."


"Dang it Louis!" I breathed. Eleanor giggled and squeezed my arm again. "No, Niall and I aren't going out! I mean, I can't say that I don't want to, but he doesn't like me. This is just... a friendship gift. Not an I-Want-A-Relationship gift." I sighed, looking over at Niall and catching his eye. He grinned and saluted me before turning back to... Harry. He and Harry were talking like old friends.


"Well it's going to happpeennnn!" Eleanor sang as she backed into the crowd. I couldn't resist laughing, and then went in search of someone to talk to.




"Did it work? Did she kiss you?" Mum asked, grabbing my arm and pulling me into the kitchen. I glanced around, seeing only Mrs. Cox, Harry's mum, and Mrs. Payne chatting about football. I sighed and shook my head, and Mum slapped my arm.


"Ow! No, but she did bake me cookies and let me watch movies with her all day." I said like it made a difference, when I knew it really didn't. It was so pathetic of me to get help from my mum, but who else would I ask without confirming that I was pathetically in love with my best friend?


"Niall, you need to do it yourself, then. Don't wait for her to do it, do it yourself." Mum instructed me, then grabbed a glass of wine and left the room without another word. I ran and hand through my hair, and pressed the other one to the counter. Why was it so hard for me to just be clear about my feelings for her?


"Niall!" I turned and saw Zayn walking over, Perrie next to him with two sodas in her hands. Zayn took one and kissed her cheek, and she left to chase down Jade and Jesy. "So did you and Daisy get into it yet?"


"Why does everyone keep asking that!?" I rolled my head back and then glared at Zayn, who just smirked.


"Come on, man. You'd be an idiot not to notice that she's fit, and you two are always together. I just sort of... expected it." Zayn shrugged, sipping his soda and making a face.


"Well, it's not going to happen. Daisy and I are... on different wavelengths." I sighed.


"That sounded so... Mom-ish. Whatever. Nothing's going to happen if you don't make it happen! Make a move!" Zayn insisted. I shook my head.


"And mess everything up? No, man. It's not worth it." I leaned against the counter. What happened if we did get together but then broke up? Everything we ever had would be ruined.


"So it doesn't matter how you feel?" Zayn raised his eyebrows and I sighed. He was right. It would make me happier. So why couldn't I do it?


"Niaaalllll!" Daisy sang, dancing into the kitchen. I shot Zayn a look and he winked at me, backing out of the kitchen.


"Daisssyyyyy!" I sang back. Daisy giggled and grabbed both of my hands in hers.


"Please come dance with me!" She put on her puppy dog eyes and pouted at me. I snorted and twisted one of our hands around over her head, so that my arms were wrapped around her waist and her back was pressed to my chest.


"Of course I will." I nuzzled my head into her temple, forgetting everything Zayn had said to me. We headed into the living room, where there was some not-so-slow music playing. Eleanor and Louis were dancing, kissing every so often, her hands over her head and his skirting her sides. Perrie's back was pressed to Zayn's chest and his hands were on her waist, grinding back and forth to the Katy Perry song.


I sucked in a breath as Daisy started dancing with me like Zayn and Perrie were. I could do this, it's not like we were dating or I had been totally friend-zoned, we were just two friends dancing... intimately. I put my hands on Daisy's hip bones and she laced her fingers with mine. The song changed to Starships, and Daisy giggled. She'd been talking for weeks about how this was her favourite song. I let out the breath I hadn't realised I was holding and relaxed.


It was possible for me to have fun and stop worrying about Daisy and my relationship. Though I couldn't deny that Daisy was really doing something to my mind and my body right now. She pulled my hands off of her hips and held them over her head, turning around and dancing like Eleanor. Her tiny waist, her curvy hips, she was gorgeous. We danced closer, her hands pressed to my chest and my hands returning to her hips.


And then, too soon, it was over. The song switched to a slow track, by what I recognized as One Republic. Daisy slid her arms around my neck and I wrapped my arms around her, pulling her closer than before. She stood on my toes and we danced, her head burried in my neck. I nuzzled my head into her hair and closed my eyes, letting the moment last. And then Daisy was pulling away from me, looking up at me with her huge blue eyes which were lined in thin black makeup. And then she wasn't pulling back anymore, she was leaning in, and so was I, and then-


"EW!" Eleanor screamed, backing up and running right into Daisy and I, shoving us apart. One of Louis' little sisters was leaning over a puddle of vomit. Daisy made an inhuman noise and turned away, hiding her head in my shoulder. Mrs. Tomlinson swept little Daisy up in her arms and carried her to a bathroom, while Mr. Calder and Mrs. Calder appeared to clean up the mess.


"What happened?" I asked, and Louis shrugged.


"She's pretty allergic to nuts, so she might've eaten something she shouldn't have." He took a casual sip of his soda like his sister hadn't just thrown up next to his feet, and all over his girlfriend's legs. Eleanor and Danielle hurried up to the bathroom so a disgusted Eleanor could clean up.


"I think I need to leave. Can you drive me home? Me and vomit do not mix." Daisy called from my shoulder. I sighed and patted her on the back, pulling my keys out of my pocket and leading her to the door.

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