Heart Skips A Beat - Sequel to Heart Racing

Daisy has finally realised her feelings for Niall, leaving Harry in the dust. But will Harry put up with her leaving him for his worst enemy? And what about Liam, who has a girlfriend he doesn't love and feelings for Daisy that he shouldn't have? The more these feelings hang around, the more trouble these love-struck teenagers will conjur up. Read and vote: #Niall, #Harry, or #Liam?


3. Friendzoned



It's been two weeks since the 80's dance, and Winter Formal was creeping up on me faster than my parents' divorce had, which practically was over and done with in twenty four hours. I checked my watch; Daisy was coming over at five to help me make pizza before everyone else came over. Things with Daisy were... complicated to say the least.


We were inseperable, but I felt sort of friendzoned. I still had feelings for her, but I'd been pushing them away because I knew she didn't feel the same way. Instead, we were those friends that people on the street would think were a couple, but everyone else knew we weren't. Basically, everyone knew that my feelings were one sided and that Daisy had no idea.


"NIAAALLLLLLL." Daisy sang as she flung the door open. I laughed at how bad of a singer she was and grabbed her hands, pulling her with me into the kitchen. "Let's get this shit done." She said in a gangster voice.


"Oh, God. Were you listening to Eminem again?" I asked, tickling Daisy's chin. She giggled and slapped my hand away.


"You like gangster Daisy." She said, tickling my chin back. I grabbed her hand and pulled it off my face, and Daisy wrinkled her nose and threw her bag over the counter and onto the table.


"So Mum got instant dough and sauce and cheese and other toppings." I opened the fridge and pulled everything out, dropping it on the counter. Daisy rubbed her palms together and I chuckled.


"Whattttttt?" She whined, and I laughed again.


"Sometimes you just act like such a little girl, it's cute." I shrugged and Daisy started pulling ingredients out of the cabinets. We jammed out to the radio for a while until all of the ingredients were mixed in with the dough and Daisy was kneading it on the counter.


"Ew, there's a hairrrrrrrr." Daisy squealed, holding out her arm and pointing to the hair on her wrist. I laughed and pulled it off before dropping it on the top of her head.


"Niall, that was yours! I don't want your gross hair on me!" Daisy bent over and shook her head around over and over, while I leaned against the counter and laughed like an idiot. Even when she was doing stuff like this, she was adorable and I couldn't stop my stomach from fluttering. Daisy decided the hair was gone and stood back up, her hair everywhere. She went back to kneading the dough and something made me reach out and flatten her hair for her.


"Thanks, Nialler." She blew me a kiss and rolled out the dough on a tray. "Now lets top this shit!" She said all gangster again.


"Can we make this a meat pizza? With, like, everything on it?" I asked. Daisy giggled and nodded. "I'll get the sauce and you... do something." I said, grabbing the sauce and pouring some on the pizza. I used a spoon to spread it around , then sprinkled some cheese on. I put several layers on meat on the entire pizza and put it in the oven. The radio's usual beat slowed down and started playing one of those cheesy love songs.


"Do you like pina coladas?" Daisy sang, dancing around all weird and making a creepy predator face at me. I burst out laughing and made a scared face while Daisy swayed her hips around like an eighty year old woman with a broken hip. My body shook with laughter and Daisy giggled, grabbing my hands and making me dance around the kitchen until the song ended. I wrapped an arm around her shoulders and squeezed.


"Oh, what would I do without you?" I teased.


"Die." Daisy replied, pulling the pizza out of the oven. I laughed and glanced at the wall clock; it was ten minutes until everyone else showed up. Daisy put toppings on the other pizzas and put two in the oven at a time, closing the door just as the doorbell rang.


"COMING!" I shouted. I looked around at Daisy. "You coming with me, or are you gona be a lazy butt and stay in the kitchen?" I teased her. Daisy shrugged and nodded at the kitchen.


"This is my natural environment." Daisy giggled, and I growled at her, sending her into a fit of laughter. I grabbed her around the waist and dragged her to the front door with me. I held her to my side with one arm around her waist so she couldn't escape, and pulled the door open.


"Welcome to my humble abode." I swung my arm wide and Eleanor giggled, pulling Jade, Louis, and Leigh Anne with her.


"I see you two are having fun!" Eleanor explained, eyeing my arm around Daisy's waist and raising an eyebrow at me. I laughed and shook my head. Everytime we touched people asked if we were dating. It was horrible, honestly. I knew it made Daisy feel weird, because I had the strange feeling she knew I liked her still.


"Pop a squat, we'll go get the pizza. And you can just let the others in." I said, grabbing Daisy with both hands and carrying her to the kitchen.


"Put me downnnnn." Daisy squealed, kicking her legs around.


"Never." I said in her ear, putting on my best Batman voice. Daisy giggled and grabbed my hands, trying to pry my fingers off her. "NEVERRRRRR." I shouted in my Batman voice.


"Pwease." She pouted and turned her head to look at me. My heart was racing, our faces were so close. I could just reach out and kiss her if I wanted, and I definitely wanted to. But I wasn't going to do that to Daisy and mess up our friendship. I pretended to think for a second and then put her down. Daisy planted a kiss on my cheek, and flounced off to get the pizzas out. I pressed my hand to my cheek and it felt like her lips were still there.


This was not good.


"Kneel, you okay?" Daisy asked. I jumped a little and looked at her.


"Kneel?" I asked. Daisy giggled.


"Like the name! I remember Liam told me that when you first moved here nobody could get your name right and that's what they called you." Daisy explained, setting the two fresh pizzas on the counter. I heard a commotion in the other room and figured the boys had arrived.


"Oh, God. Come on, Liam!" I joked, and Daisy laughed. I loved her laugh, I loved knowing that I was the reason of that laugh. I grabbed Daisy and spun her around like a ballerina, and then pulled her in for a hug. Daisy laughed the whole time and laughed when her face was smashed into my chest.


"Niall, it's like literally being between a rock and a hard place." Daisy said into my chest. I laughed.


"That's what she saidddddd." Louis trilled, hopping the counter into the kitchen and making off with one of the pizzas, Zayn on his heels. Zayn shot me a look and wiggled his dark eyebrows at me. I chuckled and let Daisy go. Good thing she hadn't seen that. Daisy straightened her hair again and flicked my nose before grabbing the meat pizza and my hand, pulling me with her into the other room.


"Thanks!" Liam said, reaching for a piece of the pizza. Daisy wiggled a finger at him.


"Not for you, Payne. This is for me and Niall." Daisy guarded the pizza as Liam tried to grab one, and looked at me with wide eyes.


"Niall to the rescue!" I said, immitating Louis' Superman voice, and ducked under Liam's arms. I grabbed Daisy and lifted her up, dropping her and our pizza on one of the couches. I hopped on the couch next to her and grabbed a slice of pizza.


"My heroooo." Daisy said, resting her head on my shoulder.


"Anytime, Dee." I replied, looking at her expectantly.


"Yeah, no." She said without even looking at me, taking a bite of the slice I was holding. I pulled my pizza away from her and felt my cheeks burn as everyone laughed at my failed attempt. Eleanor put a movie into the DVD player and the opening credits of The Notebook played.


"Sweet Jesus, no!" I shouted, grabbing the remote and turning it off. "That's my mum's, it was a mistake getting that for her." I said. Everyone laughed and Louis reappeared with some board games.


"Let's play a game!" He said, pulling El onto his lap. I wished I could do that with Daisy. I mean I could, we were that kind of friends where it wouldn't be that weird. But the others might say things... I bit into my pizza and kept my hands to myself.




Louis pulled Eleanor onto his lap and I sighed through a mouthful of pizza. I wished Niall would do that. We were the kind of friends where it wouldn't be that weird for him to do it, but he kept his hands to himself and I figured he musn't have noticed their interaction.


Niall and I both reached for the last slice of pizza, and then both pulled our hands back. "Take it." Niall nodded towards the slice and looked over at Louis, who was deciding what game to play. I bit my lip and picked up the slice, took a bite, and then poked Niall in the face with the edge of the crust. He looked at me with a weird smile on his face. I pushed the pizza towards his face and he opened his mouth, taking a bite. I laughed while he chewed, making faces at me.


"Stop feeding each other and being sappy, you two. We're playing Twister." Louis said, while Liam and Zayn moved the coffee table behind the couch. Louis set out the mat and I tried to hide my blush behind my hair. God, Louis. Way to make it obvious that I like Niall. I ripped the piece in half and handed the bigger side to Niall, then ate my own. I wondered what it felt like to kiss Niall. I mean, we kissed that one time before he beat up Harry, but I couldn't remember it. That was a... busy day.


"There's too many of us to fit on that mat. Their's ten and only four, maybe five can fit." Jade said, motioning to the mat.


"I know! Teams! We can tie our hands and feet together and be like one super-human!" Leigh Anne said, bouncing up and down on the couch. I giggled at how adorable my friend was.


"That's... an amazing idea!" Louis shouted, running into the kitchen for some duct tape. He ran back in, already wripping off pieces and taping himself to Eleanor. Perrie helped with their wrists and we all sort of stood around, staring at the two of them.


"This is not going to work." Perrie said, crossing her arms and holding in a laugh. I giggled and grabbed the tape from her hands, tossing it onto the table.


"Orrrr we could go half of us at a time." I suggested, looking around at all of my friends. How did they not think of that, the simplist solution. Everyone stared at me for a second, and then Jade broke the silence.


"And I feel stupid." Jade looked around the room awkwardly, holding a smile back. I laughed and grabbed Niall's hand.


"Okay, Niall, me, Perrie, and Zayn first!" I directed everyone. Liam grabbed the spinner and flopped back onto the couch, landing on Jade. He laughed and apologized, but didn't move. I felt a pang of jealousy. He and Danielle had a blow up fight in the parking lot after the dance, and they were done for real this time. And he wasn't wasting any time moving on. He and Jade had been flirting all week.


I clapped my hands together and stood at one end of the mat, between Niall and Perrie.


"It's on like Donkey Kong!" Perrie said in a deep voice.


"That's my line!" Liam argued, shooting me a wink that made my heart flutter. Oh, God, I like Niall! Stop flirting with Liam! I was not the kind of girl to like two boys at a time, was I? Maybe I was... I didn't want to be that kind of girl. I didn't like those kind of girls.


"Right hand red!" Jade was leaning over Liam's shoulder, flicking the spinner. I leaned past Niall and put my right hand on the red dot. Niall poked me in the cheek and I swatted his hand away.


"Hands off, Loser. I've got this in the bag." I said. Everyone laughed and I felt proud that I had made a whole room of people happy. I loved having friends that I could actually keep this time.


"It's onnnnnnn." Niall said, poking me with his toe. I laughed and my heart fluttered again. Why did this have to happen to me? Why did I have to be friends with such adorable boys?


"Left foot yellow!" Jade said, giggling as Liam whispered something in her ear. I put my left foot on a yellow dot and gasped when Perrie fell over, her body shaking with laughter while Zayn tickled her with his free hand.


"Not fair!" She complained when Liam told her she was out in his announcer voice. Perrie crossed her arms and pouted from her seat on the couch.


I put my right foot on green and noticed a hand reaching over my shoulder. Niall made a face that said don't-tell as he reached over and squeezed Zayn's side. Zayn shouted and fell onto the mat, and instantly started yelling at Niall, who was shaking with laughter.




"Your bum is in my face, Daisy." Niall commented from somewhere behind me. I felt my cheeks burning as everyone laughed, and Liam flicked the spinner, but he made no move to tell us where to go.


"Can you spin the stupid thingy already?" I said, and Jade giggled and told us to move our left leg to green. I looked behind me and moved my left leg back to green, and my hip was touching Niall's. This was not a good day to wear yoga pants... it didn't leave much to the imagination, and Niall and I were very close.




Oh, God. She had a nice bum... No, Niall. You can't think that. No, no, no. Bad. Her hip was touching mine when we moved our left legs to green and I willed myself to look away so that I wouldn't get caught.


"Well, Niall looks a little... tense, now doesn't he?" Louis teased. My cheeks burned and I shot him a death glare.


"Shut your face or I will kick you in the vagina." Daisy said from my left. I was about to look over, but I knew it would only get worse if I thought about how close we were.


"I don't have a vagina, Daisy." Louis said, a smile in his voice.


"You will when I'm through with you." Daisy replied sternly, and there were shouts and cat calls. I chuckled. That's my girl. Wait, no, she wasn't my girl. In my dreams.


"Right hand yellow!" Jade announced, and I felt relief wash over me when I was able to move so we weren't touching. Nevermind. Daisy had decided to stay in a back bend type-thing while I had flipped over to put my right hand on yellow, and I was leaning over her, our stomach touching and my face inches from hers.


"Look what he have herrrreeeeee." Zayn teased.


"My threat applies to you, too, hair-gel." Daisy said. I laughed, her breath hitting my face every time she inhaled. "Now spin." Daisy commanded.


"Actually, I think we'll leave you like this for a second. To check endurance, I mean." Perrie said, poking me with her foot. I held back a nervous laugh. Ohhhhh shit.




Oh, God no. I hated these people sometimes.




I thought back to the last time we were this close, when I made her think I was going to kiss her after the dance. And then I remember how she had pulled back at the last second... And an idea came to me.




"Guys, it's been five minutes. Let us outttt." I whined. A few people said things along the lines of, 'not a chance.' I sighed and made a face at Niall, who's blue eyes were piercing me. I felt my heart rate quicken, thinking back to after the dance when I thought he was going to kiss me.


And suddenly, Niall was closing in. His eyes were closing slowly, he was going to kiss me. The room fell silent, as if everyone had realised it too. My heart skipped beat after beat and I couldn't breath. This was what I wanted, though, wasn't it? Blood stopped flowing in my body, and tingles went up my arms and legs as Niall and I were about to make contact, and then.


"I WINNNNN!" Niall shouted, jumping up and dancing around. I rubbed the back of my head and grunted. I had fallen, landed on my back on the mat. And he... he was only doing it to win. There was a silence in the room and then everyone started cheering. Niall grinned at me, a glint in his eye, and maybe a trace of regret. But he looked away again and I realised that it wasn't regret about not kissing me, it was regret at making me think he would.



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