Heart Skips A Beat - Sequel to Heart Racing

Daisy has finally realised her feelings for Niall, leaving Harry in the dust. But will Harry put up with her leaving him for his worst enemy? And what about Liam, who has a girlfriend he doesn't love and feelings for Daisy that he shouldn't have? The more these feelings hang around, the more trouble these love-struck teenagers will conjur up. Read and vote: #Niall, #Harry, or #Liam?


1. Not Now



"Niall?" I said it more than asked, but the lifeless form under layers and layers of blankets peered up at me, as if blinded by the light I had flicked on. His eyes were red and puffy, his skin sallow, and his hair... was greasy. Ew. I took a step farther into the room, flicking the light out again and closing the door behind me. I walked over and cautiously sat on the edge of his bed.


"Daisy. You didn't tell me you were coming by." Niall's voice was unused, raw. I snorted.


"Because you would have listened to me if I tried to tell you." I said sarcastically.


"Touche." I heard from beneath the blankets. I giggled, there was the Niall I fancied. But maybe today... wasn't the right day to put Louis' plan into action. I sighed and climbed farther onto the bed. I took a leap and crawled under the blanket, sliding over next to Niall. I pulled the blanket over my head as well and saw the shadow outline of his face a few inches from mine, and a faint smile played at Niall's sickened face.


"What's wrong?" I whispered. It was like we were in our own little castle, our own private dream under these blankets. Whispering... felt appropriate. Niall sighed and ran his hands over his face. I grabbed his fingers and pulled them back, holding his hands in mine.


"My parents went through with it. They're seperated and Greg left because he doesn't want to deal with the fighting until Dad moves out... but he's still here and it's like hell. And I have no friends left at school to talk to, and you hate me and Louis hates me and I just need someone to talk to." Niall turned away, his eyes not meeting mine.


I didn't know what to say. My parents always kissed before they left for work, my mum always sent him texts at lunch time saying she loved him. They went on extravegant vacations every year on their aniversary, which was a big deal at our house. But sometimes words are never going to be right, so I just scooted over and curled up against his chest, and let his sobs shake both of us as he wrapped his arms around my shoulders and squeezed me, like he was checking that I was real.


Soon, his crying went quiet and his heart rate slowed, and instead of saying anything, Niall just pressed his chin into the top of my head and held me close to him. After an hour of nothing, there was light knock on the door and Maura popped her head in.


"Dinner. And I know it's hard right now, love, but no bad deeds will be done in that bed." She said, her voice laced with a light teasing. Niall sighed quietly, and I tried my best not to find the humour in the situation. I slowly pushed the covers back and after much hard work, I pulled Niall to his feet. I took his hands and pulled him down the stairs, forcing him into a chair and shoving a plate of food in his face. Niall ate in silence while I played around with the food on my plate. By the time Niall was done, I had eaten two pieces of potato and a carrot stick. Niall just stared at the wall and ignored the conversation his mum was trying to start.


"I think I'm gona take him back upstairs, Mrs. Horan. And I promise nothing bad is going to happen between us." I said, trying to lighten the mood. Maura managed a weak smile and I pulled Niall up the stairs.


"Go shower." I crossed my arms and stared at Niall, who was sitting on his bed again.


"No." Niall replied, lying back on his bed.


"No is not an option. You look like a mongrel, get in the shower. NOW." I grabbed a towel from the hall closet and pulled Niall up and off his bed, shoving him into the bathroom. Let me tell you, lifting a hundred and forty stones of muscle was no easy feat. After five minutes of nothing, I pushed the door open to see Niall sitting, fully clothed, in the shower. I sighed dramatically and cocked a hip.


"Don't complain, you made me do this." I reached over and turned on the water. Niall flinched when the water sprayed down on him, but just looked up at me with a wounded expression on his face. I sighed even more dramatically and pulled the hose down, spraying the water directly on Niall's head. His hair flattened over his head and his clothes clutched his body, making him look like a sad, wet kitten. I dumped a tonne of shampoo on his head and set the hose down, massaging his scalp with my fingers and rinsing his hair out. I dumped about half the bottle of body was on him and pulled the curtain shut.


"You better be fucking spotless. And no, I'm not helping anymore. Get off your lazy ass and shower." I said sternly, and then closed the bathroom door behind me. I took the rubbish bin out of the corner of his room, and began picking up food wrappers and tossing them. Then I made up his bed and picked up all of the dirty clothes, tossing them in the laundry bin. His room was still... messy. But it was progress. I set his phone to play some happy music, and settled for The Beatles. After spraying large amounts of Fabreez, I plopped down on the bed and waited for Niall to be finished. The water turned off after a minute and then the door opened, revealing Niall with a towel loose around his waist and another that he was using to dry his hair.


"Shutup." I teased when he shot me a look. I buried my head in his pillow while Niall put on some clothes. "Are you done yet?" In reply, Niall flopped down on my back.


"Yep." He said, his mood clearly a little better. I grunted and rolled on my back on Niall's stomach. He grabbed my waist and held me there when I tried to get away. "No, stay. You're warm." Niall said tiredly.


"GET UPPPP!" I shouted in his face. Niall lurched out of a half-asleep state and sat up abruptly, sending me rolling off the edge of the bed and face-first on the floor. Niall chuckled as he pulled me back up and sat me on the bed next to him.


"Sorry, you made me do it." He teased. I sighed and lamely slapped his arm. "That was pathetic."


"Yes, well I'm tired from pulling you off your lazy ass and forcing you into a shower." I cocked my eyebrows at him, and Niall shrugged.


"What are you even doing here?" Niall asked. I tried to think of an excuse, some reason other than that I was planning on kissing him and telling him about how I felt about him. I reached for anything I could say to be my motive. And then the words fell out of my mouth.


"Uh, to day that I changed my mind and I'd love to go to the dance with you. I don't really want to go with Harry, I'd rather go with you as friends." I spat out. Oh, God. Why did I say as friends? I am so bad at being a girl.


"Oh, well that's nice but I don't think I'm going." Niall said. I made a face at him.


"Yes you are! It's an eighty's dance, you're going, and you're going with me!" I told him, getting up and looking through his drawers. I pulled out some old light jeans and a Pink Floyd shirt, and then rummaged in his closet for a jean jacket.


"And you're wearing this." I tossed the clothes at him and he looked through them, making a face.


"Didn't people in the eighty's wear bright colours?" He asked, wrinkling his nose up at me. I giggled and shook my head.


"People who pretend they're from the eighty's wear that. This is an authentic eighty's dance, net stockings and jeans rompers and plaid and concert shirts. The works." I said, looking around the room with a faint smile on my face. "I wish John Hughs directed my life. I would be dating Jake Ryan, the irresistable senior with the red car and is totally out of my league. I would be Molly Ringwald, and I would be avoiding the same nerdy kid over and over. I'd have a cute boy holding his stereo outside my window, and we'd ride off together on a lawn mower." I fantasized it all with Niall, but I wasn't going to tell him that.


"You want to ride off into the sunset on a... lawn mower?" Niall scoffed, and I turned around, chucking a pillow at him. "Sorry, most girls want a fairy tale, with horses and fancy dresses and stuff." Niall held up his hands defensively and clutched the pillow to his chest. He danced around on his bed, making a frilly face. "Oh, my prince, I can't believe all of the extravegant gifts you gave to me!" He said in a girly voice. I giggled and held up the jean jacket, dancing around the room like a fairy.


"Oh, fairy godmother! I can't believe you gave me such a nice dress that I will never wear again and sent me to a dance where a prince fell in love with me in ten minutes." I said in a silly high pitched voice. Niall laughed, a real, head-thrown-back Niall laugh that made my heart flutter. I had made that laugh happen. But I couldn't say that, I couldn't point it out. Instead, I just grinned up at the boy with the braces.


"So, this dance is tomorrow at seven?" Niall clarified, dropping the pillow onto the bed and inspecting the clothes I had picked out.


"Seven, right." I flopped onto the edge of the bed and Niall flopped down next to me, so our heads were at different angles.


"So I'll pick you up at six and take you to dinner first." He said. I sat up and grinned, hopping over to give him an excited hug.


"Yayyyy!" I squealed, wrapping my arms around his neck as he sat up. Niall hesitated before hugging me back and chuckling. He put his hands in my long hair and held me tightly. I pulled away after I realised the hug had lasted awkwardly long.


"Well, I've got to go buy myself some new clothes then!" I said, already planning out in my head what I was going to buy at Primark.


"No moping around, and I expect to see you bright and early at school tomorrow!" I said, pointing at Niall as he followed me to the door. Niall chuckled and saluted me.


"Aye aye, cap'n." I giggled and gave him a quick hug before skipping out to my car.


"See you tomorrowwww!" I called, and drove off.

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