One direction fan fiction experiences

If ou have ever wanted to be in one direction fan fiction and want to meet Harry Styles , Zayn Malik, Niall Horan , Liam Payne or Louis Tomplinson well the just in the comment box type your name and what guy and you will end up being in my book!!! Thanks !!! :)


1. Example for fan fiction

Today was valentines day and it was my six month anniversary with Niall Horan he promised he would take me out. So I quickly put on a pair of my skin jeans and a cute tank tip and sweater and then my converse my hair I put it up in a neat bun. I ran outside to meet Niall.

He kissed me longly. Finally he pulled away and chuckled. "I missed you". I said and he took one of my hands and the steering wheel with the other. "I missed you to". We started to sing "We are never getting back together" even thought we are together. Niall likes to make fun of it even thought Harry is dating Taylor. Anyway he brought me to the pond where we first meant. We say in the edge eating not being disturbed. Soon I felt something hit my skin my eyes went to Niall he smiled and threw another grape at me that time I caught it in my mouth. Then I threw my salad on him and started to run he was fast and grabbed me. Then three me into the pond I screamed and then he went in. (Don't worry this pond is clean no animals live in it) we splashed even thought it was cold finally we got out and aired dryed just but lying in the sun and then Niall froze and got up. "Katie"?? "Yeah Niall"? "We'll I want to do this right and I live you so much and u won't regret thus but will you marry me". "YES"!!!!! We kissed for a real long time then we ended up going to dinner to nandos with the boys to celebrate!!!!! :)
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