The Walk

It is about a girl wo goes for a simple walk but then feel like she is ina whole new world


8. Weekend

 This weekend is going to be great as i thought to my self on the way home from school. I got home and sitting in my front porch waiting for me was James witha big smile on his face. I ran up to him and hugged him i tossed my stuff inside then we went for a walk. We walk right back to the place we first met and written in chalk was i note that said i love you. I turned to him and we kissed. He said i have got a presnt for you and handed me a small boxx i opend it and there was a beutiful neclace in it. James ut it in me i started to cry said no dont cry and wipped  the tears from my eyes. Sorry i said it just that no boy has ever done this for me or ever treated me right. Then James said every boy you been with befor is an Idiot. We walked alittle to the small park in the nice soft grass i sat on a swing with James right beside me. We held hands whiled lightly swining. Me and James sat there for hours not sayin a word at all but that was ok because i like just beaing near him taking or not. Then out of no wear he asked me when my summer break was i told him it starts next week. He told me thats the day he leaves but he also asked me if i could come with him for a summer break so i can meet everyone in Ireland. I said i would love to i have to check with my mom. He walked me home. As soon as i got inside i asked my mom she was unshure at first but i told her what a good oppturnity it would be. Still unshure i gave her James mothers name and number so ahe could talk it over with her. I couldnt sleep all night thinking about it but around 2am my mom came in my room and handed my my passport and told me i had premission to go. As soon i found out i called James we were both extatic. Then i called Fera she told me to have fun because we decided to leave a week early so i missed school.

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