The Walk

It is about a girl wo goes for a simple walk but then feel like she is ina whole new world


12. the flight

 I wasnt looking forward to a 10 hour flight but oh well at least i can spend it with James. I had the window seat my head rested agint James sholder as we listend to music. I started to fall asleep  but then a flight attendent started passing out the lunch it was a salomy sandwitch gross. Jame then asked why i wasnt eating i told him i didnt like it. He stopped the flight attendt and asked her if i could get somthing else she brought me a slad after ahe left i told James he didnt need to do that. But he told me not to worry about it. I loved him so much. He is the only guy who i feels really loves me. I finished eating and watched my favorite guy in the world eat his food. His eye splarkling even brighter every time he blinked. They soon got our trays. James turned to me and asked me if i wanted a blanket i did. So he got my favorite one out of my bag. Its brown and fuzy very soft. I threw it over the both of us and only about 5 hours left of the flight. I rested my head on his shoulder and was out like a light. I layed there asleep James stroking my hair. James woke me up when we landed and told me that we were here. Then thats when i got really nervous. All these thoughts ran through my head at that time. The same ones i had earlyer what if nobody likes me! I held all my nevers inside of me as we got off the plane. James family was there to greet him after they all hugged him and said hi he intoduced me. He said everyone this is Michelle. Some said hi i herd a few people mumbling to them selfs. But then to break the akward scilence his mokm came up to me and said hello im James  mom. We rode with his family home it was only like 5 there. So  we went home got changed and went out to meet some of his friends. They were all nice to me and we all got along well. We played some soccer or as they call it football. It was fum i just got a few cuts but that normal. I started to get late so we went back home it was about 10. I got my pajamas on! I stayed at his flat with him. I fell asleep watching tv in his arms.

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