The Walk

It is about a girl wo goes for a simple walk but then feel like she is ina whole new world


9. Packing

Its monday i stayed home from school to pack Fera did to so she could help me and we would have more time together since i was gonna be gone all summer. I grabbed my luggage out of the closet just plain black with green idetifaction tags on them. Fera opend the bigest one and we both started putting clothes in it almost all of my summer clothes were in there and some jackets because it might get cold. There was a little akward scilence we were both sad about leaving eachother but then rummaging through my stuff i found a picture of me and Fera when we were five. I had my hair in pigtales braided down and Fera with hers just down and flowing. I packed that picture and one of us at our prom. Fera gave me a bracelt that said forever friends on it i put it on and told her i will never talke it off. Then i stood up walked to my dresser and handed her a neclace that said the same thing. We both hugged eachother. Since we were dont packing we went out and got luch she took me to dairy queen adn we sat there and ate ice cream. After that me and Fera wen back to my house so i could pack my purse I had my passport, cell, and a small picture of us. I told Fera the address of wear we were staying at so she could send mail. I was tired after that day and went right to bed. The next day i was gonna say bye to everyone.

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