The Walk

It is about a girl wo goes for a simple walk but then feel like she is ina whole new world


4. Not so good monday

      I was texting James all night but we had to stop aroud 3 in the morning cause my mom mad me. We planed our whole week together on monday swimming, tuesday shopping, wendays amusement park, thursday just hang at the park, and lastly friday a date at this really good itlain place. So its the next day im getting ready im putting on my new green striped bikini. I was driving to the pool in my car when i got there i saw James he was waiting outside for me he was wereing Irish swim trunks. I walk up to him and he say hey look we match! Lol we kinda did. Went in the pool the about 30 mins into swimming then a really mean girl came greeeeeat i thought to my self. James could sense there was somthing rong so i told him how we didnt get along he said he would protect me. I giggles alittle when he said that. She came right up to me with her neon pink suite on she looked at James and said i feel sorry for you if you have to hang out with that. He looked her stright in they eye and said you better leave. She said or what are you gonna get you gf on me haha like she could accually get one. I quickly got out of the pool and left with teers in my eyes. He ran after me. I went and sat in the car he jumped in said dont listen to the they are just jerks. I stayed silent he satrted to drive off. I said wait isnt your car here he turnrd to me and said  i would rather be with you. So then we drove off.

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