The Walk

It is about a girl wo goes for a simple walk but then feel like she is ina whole new world


11. Ireland

  Today i woke up to my mom say todays the big day get ready. I quickly poped out of bed i ran to the bathroom and brushed my hair then brused my teeth. I went down stairs i was greeted by Fera we both ran to eachother and hugged for a long time. Then we had breakfast together my mom made pancakes and bacon. Next me and Fera got all of my stuff in the back of the car. We still had a couple hours till our flight so me and Fera just talked then my mom came up to me and asked if i was shore i want to do this. I nodded yes. Then came the time we had to head to the air port i saw James and i walked up to him we hugged then i turned aroung and hugged my mom and Fera. The ariport lady called our number for the plane well i gess i got to go i said to my mom. Me and James waled away (our stuff alredy beaing on the plane) i quickly looked back and waved.

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