The Walk

It is about a girl wo goes for a simple walk but then feel like she is ina whole new world


6. Fera

 We decided to cancle our plans for wensday be cause it was storming so we sat at his familys house all day snuggled up watching movies. He was perfect for me and i was perfect for him. We watched the notebook all the paranormal activites and hunger games all while eating popcorn. It was almost 8 but we kept watich our movies and many more when done it was midnight. Oh geez i need to get home before my mom kiks my butt. I drove home and when i got there my mom was waiting for me. She looked very mad. Befor i could explain she yelled Michelle Brianna what were you thinking staying out this late!!!!! I tried to explain to her that i was with James and lost track of time. But she wasnt listing to me. Agin she yelled if you live under my roof you will live by my own rules. But mom i groaned. No buts missy she snapped back. i ran up to my room and texted Fera i told her about what an amazing time we had over the past three days. She very excited for me and she in formed my that Devin asked her out we both squield with joy. So the next  day at school while i was sitting in homeroom Fera walked in i ran up to her we were both so excited we both were not gonna be forever alone anymore! All day me and Fera were talking to Devin he has been a really great friend of ours since 5th grade and Fera has always liked him so it was nice she was finially getting what she wanted. But all day i was thinking about James and how we are going to dinner tonight i was all excited. Then me Fera and Devin all got introuble in math for talking. But it really didnt matter it was the last period of the day and i was gonna go home and get ready. Fera said she would come over to my house and help me get ready. I had my brown hair in lose curls and a flowing knee length dress that is a light blue. When jamea came to pick me up he had a nice outfit on but i was really focusing on his face at that point. We went out to a nice Itialan place it was very fun and he told me that he loves me and not like a sister but really loves me. I was overjoyed with emotions  i had to  excuse myself so i could go to the bathroom so i didnt cry infront of him. I texted Fera and told her i was crying cause he said it finnally she asked why i was cry i told her is was ters of joy. I quickly returend to the table and we just sat there talkin for hours about stuff. It was the perfect night i couldnt wait to  tell Fera all about it at school tommorw.

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