The Walk

It is about a girl wo goes for a simple walk but then feel like she is ina whole new world


1. Leaving

I was done tired of everyone trying to controll my life i just needed to be free but that is going to be hard. So instead i just went for a calm walk. I wen to i near by park no one was there as i sit on the swing and the wind blows through my long golden brown hair. There is not a single sound or a single person in sight. Then all of a sundnly at the end of the street a boy maybe my age or older walks by looking in pain i star to run towards him but as i got to then end of the street he was nowere in sight. I keep walking around looking for him i couldnt forget his short blonde hair. I ran all around the neighborhood looking but i had no luck. The as i turned around and there he was right behind me im staring into his beatuiful baby blue eyes and him looking into my bold dark bule eyes. A simple hi came out of my mouth then he started to speak at fisrt i noticed he had a Irish accent when he said hello whats you name. I quiclky responded Michelle and yours? He spoke agin saying im James nice to meet you reaching out his hand to to shake mine. I accepted his hand shake. Then all of a suddenly i got a text from my best friend Fera saying "hey what r u up to". I just tryed to ignore it and keep talking to James, but as i looked up he was gone all that is left was a pice of paper on the ground that had is number saying text me - James. I was very excited he seemed very nice and adorably cute. I got home and texted Fera and asked her if she would come over then in about 13 mins she was there. She noticed i looked very courious so i told her everything Fera told me i should text him so i did 2 mins later i got i text saing hey is this Michelle.

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