The Hanging Tree

Clove is 15 years old. she wanders the forest each night to be alone. but when she finds out a huge secret will she ever go back or will she ever return home alive? the mysteries guide her though this amazing and dangerous adventure.


4. Chapter Two

What stood before me was frightening.  A tree.  Not frightening.  But what hung from it scared the living daylights out of me.  A rope.  With a young man hung from it.  His face had turned purple and he has clearly not had been able to get any air.  Why was this here?  When was that young man hung?  Unfortunately my questions might never be answered.  Maybe.  Who would do this?

"Clove...Clove...Clove..." the voices whispered in the tree's. it sounded as if the voices were behind me. I quickly turned around and looked forward.

"Who's there?" I questioned.

"Clove..." the whispering continued.

"Really who's there?" I asked my voice was raising in fear.

"Clove..." whispers...they were coming from every direction.

I turned back around and stared at the dead body.

Who would be next to be hung?

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