The Hanging Tree

Clove is 15 years old. she wanders the forest each night to be alone. but when she finds out a huge secret will she ever go back or will she ever return home alive? the mysteries guide her though this amazing and dangerous adventure.


2. Chapter One

The smell of the pine tree's filled my nose as I ran past what I saw that frightened me.

"Clove...Clove...Clove..." the voices whispered.

I don't know what happened. I was walking through the park as usual at night. It's midnight. My favorite time of night. Usually everyone on my street was asleep by now but I never sleep at midnight I stay up until then to go outside and into the forest across town. But what had happened just a few moments ago I will never forget.


It was midnight and I snuck out of my home and slipped out of the back door. Normal. Next I ventured out into the forest as I did each night for the past year. Again normal. I walked down the lightly dimmed streets to walk across town to reach the forest. I walked in the middle of the road. Normal. I finally reached the forest and I walked into the tree's. Again normal. I walked farther into the tree's. Something was different about tonight... Whatever. I continued walking into the tree's. There was a glow in the distance... I picked up my pace to get a closer look. What is this. I stopped about a yard away from it... It was like a mist... I reached out to touch it but it faded when I reached my hands out for a touch. That's when things started to get unusual... I heard my name being called in a distance but it sounded faint.

"Clove...Clove...Clove..." the voices whispered.

I wasn't usually scared but this was different. This has never happened to me. I ran away from it.


I stopped in front of a big tall tree. What I saw hanging from it scared me more than the voices or the mist...

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