Don't You Touch My Boyfriend

For identical twins, Harry and Edward were complete opposites. Edward always had more friends than Harry because he was the oldest by two minutes, although Harry never really seemed to mind. But when a family holiday takes the boys to London, will Harry be able to keep a certain friend all to himself?


2. Chapter 2

(AN: Thanks to my friend Ariana for giving me an idea of what I should write next...) 

When they arrived, Harry was the first one to get out of the car. He ran up to his aunt and gave her a hug, and she stumbled backwards on the porch. Harry loved his aunt, because she had bright orange hair and a basment full of cds that she always let him listen to.  "Oh my gosh! Edward, you've gotten much taller since last time I saw you!" She cooed.

 "Err, actually I'm Harry..." He blushed, looking down at the wooden planks that made up the porch. Edward and Gemma started laughing, while his mum was getting their suitecases out of the trunk.

 "Oh sorry. Well you can't blame me, you are identical twins." She said, not allowing him to respond. "Oh, Anne! Do you need any help with that?" Thier mum nodded, and she started unloading their suitecases, bringing them into the house. 

 Once all thier bags were inside, she began showing them to their rooms. There was only two spare rooms, so Gemma offered to sleep on the couch. Their aunt started talking about the picnic that they have every other year. She was saying the picnic would take place at some park next Friday although Harry didn't know which park. He wasn't really listening, He was watching TV.

 "Hey Harry?" Gemma walked into Harry and Ed's guest room. Harry was sitting on the spare matress, since Ed had the bed for tonight. He looked up from his book to see his sister and his brother in the doorway. "Mum said I had to invite you and Ed to the skating rink to meet my friends that are down wanna go or not?"

 "Ice or roller?" 

 "Roller. Mum gave me money to buy some pizza."

 "But I can't skate."

 "Nither can Ed."

 "But he's always good at everything..."

 "Are you coming or not?"

 "Yeah I guess..."

 Thirty minutes later, they were all leaving the house. Gemma was driving, and Harry was in the back seat. To be honest, Harry didn't really want to go but he felt like he should. 

 "Hey!" Gemma ran to catch up with her friends at the door. She bought three bracelets that would allow them to rent the skates for the night.

 Harry put his on, and watched as Ed was already talking to some guys like he knew them his entire life and they were all best mates. Harry was sure he'd never seen the lads before, and wished he could be as charismatic as Ed. He followed his brother to the group of boys. "Hey Ed, are you going to get your skates?" 

 "Yeah, in a second. This is my twin brother Harry. Harry, this is Liam, Zayn and Niall." They all sent a nod or a wave to Harry. Harry waved back and followed Ed to the counter. They got their skates and put them on, and before Harry could even finish tying them Ed was gone. He sighed, and stood up. Harry had never been skating before, so why did he even agree to come?

 Slowly, carefully, he skate-walked to the rink. He sighed, suddenly wanting to go home. There was no one to talk to, it wouldn't be that bad if it wasn't for him falling every few minutes. By the time he found his brother, he was about to get off the rink. He was with the boys he'd just met; Harry decided he should probably follow them. That is, until someone crashed into him and they both fell.

 "Ow! oww I'm so sorry..." Harry looked up, seeing the boy who crashed into him trying to apologize. He had a nice brown fringe and the bluest eyes Harry had ever seen. 

 "It's okay, it's probably my fault we fell anyways. This is my first time coming here." Harry smiled slightly, standing up and putting his hand out for the other boy. "Are you alright?"

 He took his hand and stood up, rubbing his arm. "My arm hurts a bit, but I'll be fine. I'm just trying to find my friends."

 "I was on my way to my brother. Is that your friends over there?" Harry pointed to Ed and his new friends, and the blue eyed stranger nodded.

 "Yeah! Thanks, what did you say your name was again?"

 "It's Harry. You?"

 "I'm Louis. Is that your brother over there?" Louis asked, squinting a bit. "He looks a little like you. Actually, a lot like you." 

 "Yeah, we're identical twins."

 "Oh, I've always wanted a twin."

 "Trust me, you don't." They skated up to the boys, and Harry immediatley noticed how good Louis was. 

 "Hey boys! This is Harry." Louis finished his statement when Harry was just catching up with him. He tripped over the carpet, and in a last minute attempt at not falling he grabbed Louis hoodie. Louis stumbled backwards, and they both fell onto the black and white checkered floor. 

 Louis stood up without hesitation. He looked back at Harry, who stood up at that moment. "Is this going to become a habbit?  You making me fall?" He laughed, forgetting the other 4 was behind them.

 "Hey! You made me fall the first time!" Harry replied jauntingly.

 "Hey Harry, who's this?" Ed asked after he returned from ordering a pizza for the four, now six, of them. 

 "My names Louis." Louis pipped in before Harry had a chance to open his mouth. "Are we having pizza, then?" He grabbed a slice anyways and skated to an empty table waiting for the others to join him. Harry sat next to him, and Niall sat next to Harry. Edward quickly sat down in front of Louis, the other two sat down in the seat next to him.

 "So Louis, do you go to school around here?" Ed asked, grabbing a slice of pizza; There were only two left in the box after that. 

 "Yeah, actually, I go to school with Liam, Zayn and Niall. They're my best mates." The others nodded in agreement, their mouths stuffed with pepperoni. 

 "Oh really? That's cool. I dont live around here...wish I did though. You guys seem great." Ed smile while Harry just watched. There he went again, why wasn't Harry as outgoing and charming as Ed? Louis would rather have him as a friend, and it was a shame too because Harry felt him and Louis could become really close. 

 The rest of the night they all skating together-- althought Harry kept falling and was always about a metre behind them. Before they left, they made sure to get each others phone numbers so they could hang out again and Gemma took them home.

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