Don't You Touch My Boyfriend

For identical twins, Harry and Edward were complete opposites. Edward always had more friends than Harry because he was the oldest by two minutes, although Harry never really seemed to mind. But when a family holiday takes the boys to London, will Harry be able to keep a certain friend all to himself?


1. Chapter 1

[AN: I had to rewrite this chapter because for some reason it didn't save :( also, I'm a horrible speller so watch out for that]

 "Get up! Get up!" Harry jumped excitily onto Edwards bed, trying to wake him up. The two 17 year olds, thier mum and thier sister were going on a two-week family holiday to see their distant relatives in London today. They all had packed last night, so at least that was taken care of. Harry was so excited (mainly because they got out of school early yesterday and they were going to be staying there the whole summer), he stayed up practically all night waiting for the morning. He eventually fell asleep, at around six in the morning.

 " off..." Ed moaned, trying to pull the covers over his face. He eventually gave up, realizing Harry was sitting on the blanket. He started lazily hitting him in the face, in an attempt to get him off the bed. Harry started laughing, and stood up. He grabbed his hand and pulled as hard as he could, but his brother wouldn't move. 

 Their mother walked in, and saw Harry trying to wake him. Harry had actually been the one to wake his mum, and she told him to wake his brother while she woke his sister. She realized what Harry was doing wasn't working, and quickly spoke up. "Edward Styles! Get up and get dressed so you can have some breakfast before we leave."

 Edward sighed when she left, rolling his eyes. "Let go of my hand so I can get dressed." Harry dropped his hand, and happily skipped into the kitchen. He skipped up to his mother, looking down at the stove. She was pouring pancake batter into a pan. 

 "Anything I can help with?" Harry asked smiling. She nodded, telling him to fetch the orange juice out of the fridge. He set it down next to her on the counter. "Do you want me to pour some for all of us?"

 She nodded again, and he grabbed 4 cups out of the cupboard. "Thank you, you're so helpful Harry." Harry beamed, and was about to reply when he saw his brother walk in. He was wearing a plain white V-neck and blue jeans. He was also wearing his black rimmed glasses, presumably because he was too tired and lazy to put his contacts in. Harry was wearing white skinny jeans and a Jack Wills hoodie.

 He plopped down in a chair at the dining room table, looking to his mother. "What's for breakfast? Where's Gemma?" He asked, as he watched Harry pour them all some orange juice. He sat down at the table, sliding a cup to Ed and keeping the other three on his side. He took a drink out of one.

 "We're having pancakes, and your sister is still in her room getting ready. Can you knock on her door and see what's taking so long?" She flipped the pancake, looking back at Ed. He moaned, rolling his eyes.

 "I'll do it!" Harry piped up, looking over at his mum. She smiled greatfully, and nodded. He loved helping people, and he had a soft spot for his mum. Since she already did so much for her children, he figured he should be the one to help her in return. It really wasn't a secrete Harry was her favorite twin. Harry really liked that, since most of their friends liked Ed better for some reason. 

  He walked down the hall to Gemma's room, stopping and pressing his ear to the door. He could hear her talking to one of her friends on the phone. He really loved his sister, but sometimes she could be rediculous. He knocked and he could hear her tell her friend "hold on, someone's knocking". The door opened, and she looked at Harry. "Yes?"

 "Mum wants to know what's taking so long. She's made us pancakes!" He said enthusiastically. She  nodded and muttered a goodbye, hanging up the phone.

 They all ate their breakfast, Harry complimenting his mothers cooking, Gemma scarfing it down so they could hurry up and leave, and Ed being the slowest because he was still very very tired. They loaded their suitecases into the car and got in. Gemma in the front, Harry and Ed in the back. To keep themselves entertained, Gemma talked on the phone, Ed fell asleep and Harry listened to music on his ipod. They arrived at their aunts house (every other year there is a small family reunion, and this year it was his aunts turn to hold it. Most of their relatives lived in London, so it was usually at one of their houses.) four hours later, at 12 PM.

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