Zebra Girl (a one Direction Love Story)

Kara Young is best friends with Louis Tomlinson but a mutual attraction between the two brings them into a boyfriend-Girlfriend relationship Will their relationship last forever or crash and burn


1. Begin Again

"Im Sorry Kara It's not like I planned this" My best friend Louis tried to reassure me, He'd just gotten back from the X factor a month ago where he'd been eliminated but pulled into a band Just five minutes after Now he was going on tour for a year and You'd only see him once. "I know Louis i just miss you when you're gone you're my best friend and this place is just not the same without you" I said Motioning around our shared flat "I know Kare Bear i miss you to when I'm gone...." he trailed off before handing me a pair of skinny jeans that I promptly folded and placed into his suitcase 5 minutes of silence felt like an eternity before Lou spoke up "Kara I like You like alot" He said dropping his eyes to the sweatshirt in his lap "What do you mean Boo?" I asked confused "Kara I love you ok! I know you don't feel the same ao if you want to leave and move out It's fine" he said. I dropped my gaze to my toms-clad feet I smiled I'd always had a crush on Louis but his girlfriend Eleanor doesn't let me spend much alone time with him "Lou I-" he cut me off "Just break it to me I know what your going to say" He said tears spilling onto his face I braught my hand to brush them off "I love you to Lou but Eleanor if she finds out she'll cut my head off and feed it to her menacing dogs" I tell him dropping my hand from his cheek. " I have to tell you something" He said looking serious "What Lou bear?" I ask worried he was kidding the entire time "I broke up with Eleanor last month when she said she didn't like you and she thought I should stop being friends with you" He admitted dropping his gaze again My eyes got big and a wave of relief washed over me. "L-L-ouis I'm sorry Its my fault you're relationship didn't work out maybe-" he cut me off yet again "NO Kara i want to be with you.... Will you be my Girlfriend" he asked "OMG YES!" I yelled. Louis enveloped me in a hug and I felt as though my life was finally complete

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