A young girl bella so young is only 18 just graduated . Her love fo one direction is cute . Bella was just walking home from a friends house but ut was so dark. A mysterious man drove by and asked for a ride. Bella accepted but it didnt work out as it was planned to. Bella was raped and was taken to a place that was far from home. Too far. She cried starved and was poor . Until a young boy came by and helped her . Her story goes out on twitter an she found her way home. She was stuck on london. But how when she lived in the U.S


11. What the fuk

bella pov•
WHO DOES HE THINK THIS BOY IS.! "Niall deal with it if u really knew me then u will understand why i love getting high and smoking. I even do it with my boyfriend.!" I screamed. "Harry.?" He said. "No my boyfriend in Florida." I said. " if u have a boyfriend then why did u fuk harry.?" He said. Look at u asking all the dam questions. "Harry is a friennd but my bf is my bf." i said. "Ugh i dont understand you bella.!" Niall said. "One question niall .! Since when did you care about me.!" I said. He had hurt look im his eyes, but i didnt give a fkk. "I do care bella its just that i feel like i met you. " niall said. "Whatever niall you dont even make me happy at all.!" Isaid. "Fukk you horan." I said going in harrys room. "Time and place and ill be there." He said "Stfu." I said slamming the door. I layed beside harry and he looked at me. "Last night was a mistake." He said. "What i enjoyed it." I said . "Niall likes you bella." Harry said. "How do you know ." I said. "The looks he givess you , he never gave a girl looks like those." He said. "Ima go buy a ciggarret." I said. "No." Harry said. "Wtf .!" I said. "No bella thats enough." Harry said. "Stfu u arent my father.!" I said opening the door. "Where do u think you are going.?" Niall said. I just stood there. Confused. "I cant wait to go home." I said.
2 weeks later~
Im still here with these dumbasses but i havent smoke but i dont eat. You can say im underweight. "Niall.!" I said . "Yea.?" He said "come." I said . He sat down. "Do u wanna go somewhere just u and me ." I said. "Sure how about today.?" He said "yea." I said.
I got ready and went to niall. "Niall can we go to the movies .?" I said . "Sure what movie.?" He said . "How about Mamá.?" I asked "sure." He said. ..... Harry walked in the livingroom. "Hayy harry ." I said giving him a kiss in the cheek. "Hayy" he said kissing me back. "Something wrong.?" He said. "I miss my boyfriend, how we use to spend all day together and do stuff ." I said . "You will see him." He said. "Aye harry i bet u still want some pussy some pussy cat." I said "I have a pussy cat but i can lick your pussy." He said. "Ahh watever u get some just not me.." I said putting my hand near his crotch. "Oh please i i got it once ill get it again." He said. "Horny harry." I said . "Ready .?" Niall said. "And plus i love smoking after sex ." Harry whispered in my ear. "So do i ." I said. "What.?" Niall said. "Nothing ." I said. I opened the door and left with niall following. We got in the car and went into the movies. We watched mama and i fkking got scared on some parts. I had to hug niall just so i wont see. Shit. I hate romantic dates. And then they say im caring. I hope this isnt romantic. "That was... " "scary." Niall said finishing. "Yea anyways wanna go somewhere.?" Niall said. " sure." I said. He drove far where there was a cliff and a beautiful sea and the moon and there was a abandoned light house. "This is my place i like to stay ." He said. Shit this better not be romantic. "Whats in there." I said pointing to the lighthouse. "Stuff i keep there for my childhood." He said. "Can i go in there.?" I said "No." He said. "Oh. Sorry privacy." I said "yea sorry" he said. I sat beside him and saw the beautiful view. "Niall im sorry about last time, i try to quit." I said "i wanna help u bella but u make it so diffucult." He said "i know niall." I said. "If i was ur bf id be with u to help u and ill love to marry u " he said. "I -..." "Dont worry bella i kno i sound desperate." He said. His words. They just melted my heart. I kissed niall right there in the lips.
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