A young girl bella so young is only 18 just graduated . Her love fo one direction is cute . Bella was just walking home from a friends house but ut was so dark. A mysterious man drove by and asked for a ride. Bella accepted but it didnt work out as it was planned to. Bella was raped and was taken to a place that was far from home. Too far. She cried starved and was poor . Until a young boy came by and helped her . Her story goes out on twitter an she found her way home. She was stuck on london. But how when she lived in the U.S


26. It happens fast.

7 Months Later•

i couldnt fall asleep. "UGH!" A sharp pain hit my stomach. "Ooo please baby dont hurt mommy.. Mommy needs her sleep!" I said talking to my tummy. "HARRY.!! WHY IS THE BED SO WET!... Why is my night gown wet!!! " i yelped. "YES BELLA!" Harry cam in quick. Sharp pain hit my tummy more. "AHHHHGHHGHHHGGGG!" I yelped. "DAMN. Nevermind my water just broke. Nothing to wprry bout it.... WAIT MY WATER BROKE!" I screamed. "LET ME GRAB MY SHOES!" Harry yelped. I got up slowly and grabbed my Turtle slippers. Dont judge they're comfy! "HARRY!!!" Iscreamed! "IM COMING!" Harry said. Harry wad moving fast. He finally came over... (I decided not to know the gender of the baby.) "Very slow and dont remember to breath in and out slowly."  Harry said. "AHH JUST HURRY."



i was on the hospital bed pushing. Yes i was in pain. No details.


Finally a baby came out.... "ITS A GIRL.!" The doctor yelped. "You hear that its a girl.!! " harry said holding my hand. I laughed with joy. Harry gave me a huge kiss. I waited for them to come back with my baby and they did. They handed me a clip board and gave me my baby. "Natalie Horan" i whispered... I put the name down •Natalie Bell Horan•

•Father: Niall James Horan• 

you know what will be great. If niall was here to see his daughte--


"BELLA!" Niall said barging in scaring me. "ShutUP the bab-- Niall you're here.!" I yelped. "Yes i am.." Niall said. But then ... He reached to grab Natalie but i backed up a little. "Can i hold her?" Niall said. I gave him Natalie. "Whats her name?" Niall asked. "Natalie..... Natalie Bell Horan." I said. "Why my last name.?" Niall said. "It will be more proper cuz ur the father anyways." I said. Niall smiled. I saw a tear fall. "Uhh... Do u need a tissue....?" I asked. "Im fine... I just cant believe im a father..." Niall said literally smiling while another tear fell. I looked at them. It would be so better if we were together... But we arent. A tear fell out. Niall laughed a little just looking at her. I saw natalie Smile at him. It just warmed my heart. "You alright?" Niall said. "Yea im just... Im just glad you're here to see your daughter..." I said. "Why wouldnt i anyways..." Niall said. "Well heres mommy baby Natalie.." Niall said as he handed me Natalie. "Thanks.." I said. "Well i gotta go... I hope you arent mad." Niall said. "Im fine just... We arent together so.. " i said. "Yea i know you dont have to remind me everytime." Niall said. I hope you guys know that ever since Ome direction is over, Niall has became a doctor. 



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