A young girl bella so young is only 18 just graduated . Her love fo one direction is cute . Bella was just walking home from a friends house but ut was so dark. A mysterious man drove by and asked for a ride. Bella accepted but it didnt work out as it was planned to. Bella was raped and was taken to a place that was far from home. Too far. She cried starved and was poor . Until a young boy came by and helped her . Her story goes out on twitter an she found her way home. She was stuck on london. But how when she lived in the U.S


30. In the hands of a child

Nialls POV•

This baby was so sick.. But i helped it. And it was Natalie. I can tell by the eyes. I smiled. This is my child. She looked at me. She smiled and her smile just made me laugh. It always makes my day. 

"Niall?" I heard a voice. I turned and it was harry. "Yes?" I asked. "YOU GOT BELLAS BABY!" He shouted. "Yes because a woman left her here and natalie was sick! Wait... Yea she told SOMEONE TOOK HER BABY.! But luckily i gave her medicine so its better now." I said. "You saved her baby from getting sick?" Harry said. "Wel i didnt save but its what a father or doctor gots to do." I said. You got to come home with me to give bella her baby!" Harry said. I smiled. I moved on from bella but i still love her with all my heart no matter what ill do anything for her. And im close to finding the cure.


25 Minutes later•

I was going in the same room as bella . She just sat there "Harry?" She said. "Its niall." I  said. I saw her pull down her sleve. "What are you doing here ." She asked. "I have natalie." I said. She turned where she heard me. I handed her natalie and she cried in tears. "OMG NIALL THANK YOU!" She squeled. She touched all of her features. "Niall!!!" She squeled. "She was sick. It could have been worst. She could of got a disease but i helped her. She is now sick free." I said. "You saved my child from getting sick.?!" She yelped. "Yes." I said. "Thank you so much. Im so happy." She said. She got up slowly and walked towards me. She touched my face . Her soft hand landing on my cheek. She softly gave me a kiss on the cheek. I blushed deeply. I miss her kisses. 

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