A young girl bella so young is only 18 just graduated . Her love fo one direction is cute . Bella was just walking home from a friends house but ut was so dark. A mysterious man drove by and asked for a ride. Bella accepted but it didnt work out as it was planned to. Bella was raped and was taken to a place that was far from home. Too far. She cried starved and was poor . Until a young boy came by and helped her . Her story goes out on twitter an she found her way home. She was stuck on london. But how when she lived in the U.S


17. Forget the night.

I was back in london but i didnt want to be. I hated london. Honestly i cant even be with the boys and their stupid greedy fans.! They will keep tormenting me till i die. I went in the living room and sat down. Ugh another day with these guys. "Hello love." Niall said sitting next to me. "Hey... Niall ." I said in a sigh still upset . "Its gonna be alright. Its life. You are going to have ur goods and bads." Oh great a lecture. Please find me a mute button. "Yea iknow niall im just not in the mood right now i just want to fall asleep." I said annoyed. "Oh ok then go asleep in my room." Niall said . I went up the stairs and layed down. Suddenly i broke down. Tears fell instantly out of my eyes. I cant belive myslelf. Lesoon learned. Never go in a strangers car. AND THIS DUDE IS IN LONDON IM SURE OF IT. And when i find him im gonna choke him until he diess.!!! "Hello love" a touch on my shoulder made me jump. "Gahh." I shrieked "dont worry love its harry." He said with a dark voice. Oh harry . "You scared me harry." I said in a whisper . "Sorry love." Harry said.... "So are u and niall going out now.?" Harry said. Oh god . "I dont know why.?" I asked. "Just asking." He said in a low voice. Oh my god. "Oh my god You Are Jealous.!" I pointed. "Pshhh no.!" Harry said. "YES YOU ARE." I said. "Hmm am i jealous.!?? ." Harry asked "Yes you are and ill prove it." I said . Harry looked up . "Kiss me." I said seductive. Harry smiled. He leaned in and pleaced his soft lips on mine. Oh my god im such a slut. I enjoyed kissing him. Suddenly a door opened and i pulled away. Niall.. "Uhh hi niall." I said . Niall knew what happened. No no no. "NO NIALL WAIT." I jumped up and ran after him. " WHAT." Niall said. "Niall i just asked if he was jealous and i have proof if hed kiss me and he did." I said. "I dont care." Niall said. "I just really love you." Niall said kissing me. I change my mind. I want niall. " im sorry niall . I really love you." I said. We kissed. 




Me and Niall lived life the best. We are really together and i really love him. Not to mention but harry got a girl of his own. They are so cute together. Her name is vanessa. She is absolutely funny. I love life right now  and i cant imagine any better. 



 Life is still the same. I got over the rape and other horrible things. Harry proposed to vanessa and she said yes. Ughh and the been together for less than a year and me and niall been together for a year and 8 months.! When will niall propose to me.

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