A young girl bella so young is only 18 just graduated . Her love fo one direction is cute . Bella was just walking home from a friends house but ut was so dark. A mysterious man drove by and asked for a ride. Bella accepted but it didnt work out as it was planned to. Bella was raped and was taken to a place that was far from home. Too far. She cried starved and was poor . Until a young boy came by and helped her . Her story goes out on twitter an she found her way home. She was stuck on london. But how when she lived in the U.S


23. A different part of london a different life.

I finally lost niall and im at the airport. "Flight 290 To London Is prepared." The speaker said. I grabbed  my suitcase and got ready to enter. I was wearing a tank top with tie dye shorts. My hair was soft and flowing but my face was dull. I noticed. I entered the plane restroom. And yes i was in 1st class. I grabbed my make up bag. My eyes were red and puffy. I applied lipstick and foundation. I added mascara and eye liner. My dimples werent able to show in this kind of smile. My face now lighten up. I smirked. I got out and sat again. 

I took my phone out and saw all the missed calls. 231 messeges from niall. 9 from harry. 2 from liam 1 from louis and zayn. Wow. I answered harry. 



"Bella!! Niall told me! Im so sorry what happened! But u made niall so happy.!"


"Harry. Please. I cant be with a man that rape me right now. Please im headed home right now, im gonna pack and leave . Please get my luggage out and pack my things. For me. "

I put down my phone. But my phone started to ring and ring and ring. What. Ugh. It was from twitter. 

It was all from the fans. 



More hate continued

. I put my phone down. I tried to hold the tears. They dont know what niall did. But i wont tell anyone . It will ruin his career. "Excuse me but do u mind if i sit here." A british accent said. "Sure." I said. I turned to him. What!

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