Harly Saves the Day

Emily runs away from her dad and her step mom. she takes her dog, Harrly, with her. Emily falls into a hole and can't get back up. can Harrly help Emily, or is she doomed?


3. Safe and sound

I fell a couple feet down until i hit the ground, hard. Harrly help! i kept yelling. finally Harrly peeked his head down into the hole. go get help, i told him. Harrly ran off, when i was down there it started to snow, and i wasn't dressed for the cold. it was about a half of an hour later when Harrly came back with my dad.  They got me back up and brought me straight to the hospital. in the doctors office we found out i had hypothermia. the doctor said that it wasn't bad, but i still needed to be treated for it.

         The next day i got out of the hospital, and when we got home i noticed that Krista wasn't there. Where is Krista? i asked my dad, when i read your note i realized that i was only thinking about myself when i started dating her. i should of asked you first, i'm sorry. in about a week i was fine, and back in school. i will never forget that day, if it wasn't for my amazing dog Harrly, i might not be here today.


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