Harly Saves the Day

Emily runs away from her dad and her step mom. she takes her dog, Harrly, with her. Emily falls into a hole and can't get back up. can Harrly help Emily, or is she doomed?


2. All gone

We ran through the neighbors yard, then 15 min. later we saw wall-mart. We waited outside of wall-mart to take a break. i told Harrly to wait there while i went inside to grab us a snack with the money i grabbed from my piggy-bank before we left. when i came back outside i saw someone trying to take Harrly away! I ran over there and when Harrly saw me he ran t words me and we started to run. When we ran for about 20 min. we lost him. we ran into some nearby woods, cleared out a spot to sleep for the night. the next day me and Harrly went for a short walk. in the distance i saw a deer, Harrly started to bark and he ran after it. i started to run after Harrly when suddenly... Ahhh! Harrly help me!

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