Harly Saves the Day

Emily runs away from her dad and her step mom. she takes her dog, Harrly, with her. Emily falls into a hole and can't get back up. can Harrly help Emily, or is she doomed?


1. Can't take it any more!

I could just run away! My life is so terrible, i have 0 friends at school, we live in a really small trailer, and i don't even have a family. well, i have part of a family, my mom died 4 years ago so i have a step mom. She is so mean, if i don't do 1 thing she tells me to, it's into the hole for me. When i say "in the hole" literally mean in the hole. I'm serious she dug a hole the told my dad that she didn't do it. She lies to my dad about mean things she does to me cause she knows he will give her a divorce if he see's her do it to me, plus when she is giving me a swat on the butt, and my dad walks in, she acts like she's getting dirt off of me.

I have 1 friend, his name is Harrly, and he's a dog, my only dog, and pet. My step mom (Krista) hates him. One time she took him to the lake and tried to drown him, but he's the one who saved her from drowning. Another time she took some rope and tried to choke him to death, but she got all tangled up and Harrly was the one to get her untangled. As you can see Harrly is a pretty awesome dog.

One day i got so sick and tired of Krista, i ran away, and this is how it happened...          p.s. my name is Emily


"Emily! your dog is licking me!" "Can't you just tell him no?" Here she comes i told myself, "Missy, you don't talk to me that way your grounded for 6 months" "That's half of a year!" "Now it's 7." She stomped out of my room and probably made up some lame excuse for the reason i'm grounded for 7 months. 

i wrote a note to my dad saying,

             Dear Dad,      

    i'm sorry but i cant live with Krista. By the time you read this me and Harrly will be a long way from home. 

           Love you, 

          Emily Ann Davidson

I took Harrlys leash, opened my window then me and Harrly jumped out. 







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