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Isabel Knight is 18, and has been best friends with Harry Styles since they were 13. Isabel's blog knows a lot more than he does. Like that She love him and the truth. The truth behind a lot of things, especially about what shes done lately. Isabel doesn't like lying to him but in her head at the time it seemed like it was a good thing to do.


1. Nice to meet you Hungry!


Miss me? Well what’s happened since last time? A hell of a lot. In a way there has been but yet there hasn’t. Yes, I know that makes no sense.

So, how are my lovely twelve readers doing today? Tonight?

Let’s get back onto track. I wanted to confess something today.

I love my best friend.

Also something I need help with…… So I figured why not confess everything to the internet and you lovely twelve reader who may or may not be fifty year old guys. I don’t know and at this point I don’t care.

I was in the car with him coming back from my sisters 21st the day before and yeah, but anyways I couldn’t help but think back to the first time we really met. So, today I will tell you. Oh it’s a lovely story…… maybe…… not really…… I don’t know, you decide.

Edward, that’s his name in this story. (A lovely name right?)

I say lovely a lot.

Let’s make it a story, let’s take you on the journey of how I fell in love with him. That sounds like a good idea. Honestly it isn’t but I don’t care at this point. I’ll bring you up to present day and you can help me get through this. Just by typing it out helps.

Ready for this ever so wonderful story? Prepare yourself guys. It’ll be brief and quick and probably just full of random memories that have made me fall for this guy. Then you’ll understand all this shit happening now.


Well I met Edward, when I was thirteen. I was sitting with my best friend (Let’s call her Charlie, that seems like a good name for her) Charlie, mucking around laughing and what not.

He came over to us and handed us each an envelope before walking back over to his group of friends. I wanted to jump with joy and scream. I had to pinch myself from acting like a complete weirdo.

Slowly I opened the envelope, I wanted to rip it open, but I thought I wouldn’t want to look too desperate if he was looking over here. I was opening it so slowly I managed to give myself a paper cut causing me to wince in pain. Fighting the tears, I pulled out the paper.

Once holding the paper in my hands I stared at it in shock. It was an invitation to Edwards 13th birthday party. I turned to my best friend with my widened eyes and a small smile, she however she took no notice to this because she had no idea that I had a crush on him.

“That’s the same day as my party” Charlie told me placing her invitation down and began to go back to talking about whatever she was talking about like getting the invitation was no big deal.

When I was making my way over to him and his group of friends, I casually tripped over nothing. So that caused me to fall to the ground and be completely and utterly embarrassed. As I picked myself up the ground I felt a hand on my arm, helping me back to my feet.

“You ok?” He asked me
“I’m such an idiot” I buried my head in my hands.
“No you’re not” He told me. I shake my head lightly and I brushed the dirt off my knees before I told him why had come over here.

“Why?” He asked me. I swear I saw a bit disappointment in his eyes. (Or it could have been he had dirt in his eyes or nothing at all and I was just seeing things)
“My friends having a slumber party that night, I already promised her I would go. Sorry” I turn on my heel to leave but he reaches out for my wrist.
“Wait, can you come for a little bit a least? I mean slumber parties are at night right?”

I bit down on the inside of my cheek as I thought about it. I could go for a hour or two. Maybe two. Probably go for two hours and so could Charlie.
“Maybe two hours?”
“Perfect” He grins letting go of my wrist “See you there” He says, I nod and smile back before walking back over towards Charlie.


That was the first time I really had a conversation with him. I made a complete fool of myself. Yay! I always do. I am a huge klutz.

So maybe the next thing I should tell you is the party. That makes sense right?


“Happy birthday!” I cheered as I entered the living room.
“I’m so happy you made it, I’ll show you around” He smiled and jumped up and gave me a hug.

He took my hand and pulled me through the house and introduced me to his friends and family, his mum, older sister and step dad. Then we sat down with his friends for a while before we headed outside. We went and sat out the back on the swings.

The both of us sat there talking.

“What do you like to do in your spare time?”
“Umm don’t know depends, but I love music, I’m learning to play the piano. I like to sing too but I’m not any good, I think I really should be getting singing lessons so I don’t sound like a dying cat. But Yeah I like music”
“I love music too” He smiled as I began to pump my legs. “I sing”
“You any good?”
“I don’t know” He shrugged
“Well sing” I stop and look at him. He shakes his head.
“You’re the first person I’ve told” He said staring into my hazel eyes with his amazing emerald green eyes. I smile and hold up my pinkie, he smiled back and wrapped his pinkie around mine.

“That cloud looks like a cloud” I laugh, “But no, it does not look like a frog but a stalk of broccoli”
“Yes broccoli”
“Alright then” He nods slowly with a light chuckle.

Then when I went to leave he stopped me.

“Thanks for coming, I’m glad you could come” He grinned happily.
“Well thanks for inviting me” I say, he nods taking my hand in his and walking me out to the curb were we began to play eye-spy. “So I’m guessing were friends now?”
“No” He shook his head. Not going to lie, I was disappointed. My smile turned into a frown, but I tried to hide it. He then smiled revealing his dimples “Best friends"


TA DA! Isn’t it a lovely little story?

Not sure where to go to next. So many thoughts and memories running through my mind. I’ll figure it out, promise. Give me time. There are plenty of memories and reasons why I fell in love with this guy. If you met him you would too. I could write down every memory to you they mean nothing but to me it’s another reason to love him, another reason to just be grateful for how amazing yet annoying my best friend is.

If I wasn’t on the verge of starvation, I probably would sit here and write anything that is coming to mind but I don’t want to bore you will a million stories so maybe a few. You really don’t get a choice; well you kinda do just stop reading my blog so it’s up to you.

If I am not making any sense today it’s because my so called best friend yeah the one I am in love with is starving me to death. (That’s a joke by the way, it’s just time to eat and I haven’t so why not blame him?)



I shut my laptop screen and jump off my bed. Waltzing over to my door I fling it open and make my way down the stairs. I looked around the living room, looking for my best friend.

“I’m hungry!” I yell out as I walk through the lounge room. I fall to the ground when my idiot of a best friend took me by surprise and jumped on my back.
“I thought you were Issy, but nice to meet you Hungry”
“Really? That is so old”
“Whatever, so you gonna make me food. Ha?” He questions holding out a hand to help me back to my feet. He flashes me a smile revealing his dimples, his green eyes as amazing as ever and his head of curls still curly. Overall he looked great, that’s one way to describe it or you could say his face is a gift from god because wow!
“Nop” I take his hand and pop the ‘p’ “You are, now make me food” I clap skipping into the kitchen.

“Isaboo!” He sings follow behind me as I make my way into the kitchen.
“Shut up Styles, I’m ordering Chinese”
“Oh I love you” He says engulfing me in a bone crushing hug and kissing the top of my head. I couldn’t help but smile and breathe in his familiar scent.
“Ok, I’m dying. I can’t breathe and I haven’t eaten in three days” I push him away and fall to the ground and lie there prentending to die.
“Your such a drama queen you ate like two hours ago” Harry chuckles. “Oh lovely face, this is going on twitter”

He runs away before I could get up. I pick myself up off the floor and run after him.
“Fuck you!” I yell when I catch up to him and try to reach his phone which he held up over his head.
“Ok, only cause you asked so nicely” He smirks pushing me up against a wall.
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