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Isabel Knight is 18, and has been best friends with Harry Styles since they were 13. Isabel's blog knows a lot more than he does. Like that She love him and the truth. The truth behind a lot of things, especially about what shes done lately. Isabel doesn't like lying to him but in her head at the time it seemed like it was a good thing to do.


2. Dancing, Dah!!!

“OK, only cause you asked so nicely” He smirks pushing me up against a wall. His hot breath tickled my cheek. My cheeks flushed red, quickly I looked down at the ground.

Finally, I look up and let a small smile play across my lips I reached for his phone and pushed him back. Immediately I ran for the bathroom, he took my waist and pulled me back. Hitting his arms I tried to get free from his hold and not let go of the phone at the same time. Finally, I somehow managed to get out of his hold and run into the bathroom, once slamming the door shut I locked it.

Harry hit the door lightly. "There's a passcode, idiot"
"I know it" I say back typing it in and the iPhone unlocked.
"I logged out of my twitter" He says through the door
"Asshole" I grumbled as I opened the twitter app. "Why do you hate me? Best friends aren't suppose to hate one another" I say opening the door and hand Harry his phone, only after changing his pass code of course.
"I don't hate you, I looooooooooooooooovvveeee you Isaboo. Your my bestest friend" Harry placing an arm around my shoulder and gives it a little squeeze. "Now change the pass code back"
I scrunch up my nose and think about it "Nah"


Ello Moppet!!

(What if my readers are fifty year old guys? Don't think about it!! I'm not judging you. I'm just.... Stop!!!)

Anyways.....Why is my life about to get ruined and get more complicated? Because Charlie is a bitch!!

I bet your thinking 'isn't she your best friend?' Well last time I was writing was about when we were 13, I am now 18, that was 5 years ago. A lot can happen in 5 years. A lot has happen in the last two. Heaps!

Let's jump forward to today! Where I got told that my 'best friend' (Charlie) is going to make a move on my best friend. Yeah, Edward. So then when I went to tell her I think it's not a good idea she just laughed and asked me why.

I refuse to tell her how I feel about him. That girl cannot keep a secret, plus it won't stop her. Charlie gets what she wants and doesn't care who she hurts along the way. No guy can resist Charlie, she's everything they want. Drop dead gorgeous, tall, thin, light brown hair, blue eyes, a tease, and when you’re on her good side a somewhat nice person. Get on her bad side and you won't see the end of MEGA BITCH!!! Mega bitch is a fucking bitch! I met Mega bitch once, I got grounded for a month and lost my car. See mega bitch is mega bitch. I didn't get my car back for three months!! I also didn't talk to her for a six months.

She is a big bitch and I know she doesn’t want to go out with Edward for the fact that he is a great guy and if I go on you'll be like I've heard this in every bad romantic comedy. But I don't want her to use him. I mean if she genuinely liked him and he like her back and as long as he was happy I wouldn't care. In the long run all I want is him to be happy. (Yep, bad romantic comedy. deal with it. Plus it's a best friend thing right?)

On a happy thought, I saw a picture of myself and Edward today. It instantly put me in a better mood when I saw it and really remembered the day it was taken.


“Go away” I laughed and ran away from him.
“Stop running!” He yelled out as he ran after me.
“Why?” I looked over my shoulder as I ran down the hill.
“Because if you don’t I will take Sir fluff the third hostage”
“No!” I stopped running and stood still. “You wouldn’t” I gasped. He nodded his head with a evil smirk playing across his lips.
“Now don’t move or I will make sure he gets it” He grabbed a handful of mud.
“I hate you” I huff crossing my arms.

“Love you too” he laughed as he caught up to me. He grinned evilly before putting a handful of mud in my hair and rubbing it in like it was conditioner. I pushed him away and we both fell to the ground laughing. As I laid back and stared at the sky, a handful of mud was through at me. As I sat up another fist full of mud was thrown. This time it got me right in the face, even some in my mouth.

“Now were even” He laughed as I wiped the mud away from eyes and spat out the mud in my mouth. I glared at the fourteen year old guy with curly hair and piercing green eyes who was covered in mud, Also known as my best friend, before running after him.

“Oww you fat whale you stood on my foot” I complained and stomped on his foot.
“That wasn’t nice Emily" He pushed me playfully.
The woman laughed (Edwards mum, Mrs Johnston) “Ok you two, wash off the mud before you come inside but before you do, smile” She holds up a camera, we both smile before racing over to hose.

“Yeah wash off” He sprayed the water in my face. I stole the hose off him and sprayed him in the face before attempting to wash the mud out of my dirty blonde hair, but the hose was stolen from my hands.
“Alright how am I meant to wash off the mud if you keep stealing the god damn hose?”
“Hold ya horses”
“I haven’t got any”

“Wow you’re so funny” Edward sarcastically laughed.
“Thanks I was thinking about becoming a comedian” My words dripping with sarcasm as I steal the hose back off him and begin to wash off the mud.


That's all today folks; I have to go hit my head repeatedly on a brick wall. That may hurt a lot. So I may just like hit my head repeatedly with a pillow.



I dance around the house with a container full of m&m's using the rattling sound when I shake it as my music. I would use my phone but I turned off so I wouldn’t have any phone calls from Sam, probably to see if I’m home and if Harry’s here so she can try and make a move.

Maybe she would believe me when if I told her that he turned invisible? Maybe, wouldn't it be great if she did?

"What the hell are you doing?" I jump and drop my container full of m&m's. Harry laughed amused as I pick up my container.
"Dancing dah, what does it look like I’m doing?"
"It looks like something was attacking you"
"I know I can always come to you for a confidence boost" I joke, taking a handful of the m&m's and placing a few of them in my mouth.
"Didn't Dani try to teach you how to dance?"
"Yeah but my theory is I'm so good it looks like I'm bad"

I take a handful of m&m's and place a few in my mouth as I stand up on the coffee table and begin to throw them at him. I then proceed to dance, or get attacked by something. My best friend, he knows how to give you a confidence boost and really make you feel good about yourself. Nice people lie to you and tell you’re good even if you’re not, Danielle did! Actually she said there's room for improvement.

"We need food, so I'm going to go shopping is there anything you want?"
"Did you not remember that we discussed your no longer allowed to go grocery shopping alone. You brought six jars of nutella and four jars of peanut butter, last time. You also got tofu! Why would you buy tofu?"
"No one like’s tofu, it was just sitting there. I felt bad for it" I defend.

I hop onto Harry's back and rest my head down on his shoulder while we walk down the street to Starbucks. Harry was making really bad super hero sounds as he picked up his pace and ran down the street. We would pretend to kill anyone who gave us weird looks with our awesome superpowers.

And he is some peoples role models, he has a gold fish memory, he pretends he has superpowers, he posts picture of me looking like, ummmm, just really bad pictures of me on twitter for his millions of followers to see.

“Coffee, Harry I need Coffee” I said, stealing his sunglasses and putting them on.
Someone cuts him off. “Issy!”

It’s Sam!! What a great fun. Her and her perfect self were just standing there smiling innocently, not just smiling but at Harry.

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