One Direction Take me Home♥

My name is Cherish Hutchinson. I've always had an obsession with One Direction. I never thought my life would turn out to be this way. Do I like dating them or is it to stressful? My Journey begins now and there is no turning back...(Story contains names from real life aka Cherish is me and some other characters are my friends (: Thanks!)


1. The Suprise

Today is May 22nd 2012. It was my 19th Birthday. I was excited for the big day but nervous that nobody would show up. I had no idea what to wear or what I was going to have for activities. I was hoping maybe some cute boys would show up. Or maybe my parents wouldn't be all up in business. (Side note) My parents can be protective or sometimes embarrassing but they're my parents and I love them. (Back to the story) People were finally showing up for the party and I was excited to get my groove on. The whole party my parents were whispering and going back and forth outside and acting quite strange. I was curious to know what was happening but I just went along with it. It was finally time for presents after we had cake that this really famous cake baker made. It was amazing. for my presents I got a One Direction CD, a One Direction T-shirt, a Sims 3 game, Few shirts and pants, and a new Iphone5 with a One Direction case. I thought all the presents were done with and I was sad that my parents didn't get me anything for my birthday until they told me to wait right there. They had a Paramedic walk in and stand next to me. I VERY curious to know why he was there. Also I thought it was a little strange. I was very confused. My parents ran outside to grab my present(s). My dad walking in and shut the door behind him. "Just for your safety I want you to not have a heart attack." Smiled my father. "Why would I have a heart attack? It's just another one of your guys presents" I said. Then I thought for a moment...Maybe they bought me a new car! I got my learners permit 3 years ago and they wouldn't let me use their cars. I hoping for a car but I got something even better. My mom  walked in the house with a BIG smile on her face. She turned around and gestured to tell someone to come in. I looked over and squinted my eyes towards the door. Then in came all the boys. I screamed my head off, Cried, jumped up and down, then collapsed to the ground. The boys came over to me pulled me up then the all hugged me one by one. They all stood next to each other and yelled out "Happy Birthday!" We all grouped hugged then all my friends bolted towards them and they all hugged them one by one. My Friends Brianna, Natasha, and Kaylee were in tears. Natasha and Kaylee ran over to Zayn and tried to show off. I walked over to Harry and that's when our eyes locked on to each other and it was irresistible to look away. Harry then walked over to the computer grabbed a pen and paper then wrote down his phone number down on the paper. My jaw dropped to the floor in excitement. I then ran over to Brianna and was held on to each other and jumped up and down with huge grins on our faces.  (Well guys that was the first chapter I hope you guys liked it! Stay updated until I make the next chapter. Bye guys for now!) =)

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