One Direction Take me Home♥

My name is Cherish Hutchinson. I've always had an obsession with One Direction. I never thought my life would turn out to be this way. Do I like dating them or is it to stressful? My Journey begins now and there is no turning back...(Story contains names from real life aka Cherish is me and some other characters are my friends (: Thanks!)


2. The Phone Call

Harry walked over to me and handed me the paper. He told me how adorable I was and how he liked my fangirlyness. He whispered in my ear "Call me sometime?" "omg, yes I will!" I excitedly said back. We both smiled at each other then I hugged all the boys one last time, then they left. Right when they closed the door I screamed so loud a neighbor came knocking at our door to see if everything was okay. We said everything was fine ,then all of us girls continued screaming and jumping up and down. "I think Liam likes me.." Said Brianna "I really hope he does. You know it's been my dream to date him or marry him. He's so handsome and polite. Plus we have a lot in common I think." Brianna added on. "We'll see what happens. Hopefully you will hit it off with him. Obviously I hit it off with Harry. After 2 hours of talking surprisingly I learned stuff about Harry that no one knew about him. I like him even more than I did before. But I like him differently than I did before. I don't just like him in a band and for his amazing looks but also for his humor and personality. I love this feeling and I never want it to end" I said. "Also I saw that Natasha and Kaylee hit it off with Zayn...I think. I really don't know. Do you think they hit it off with him if they wouldn't let go of his leg when he was trying to go back for their meeting?" Asked Brianna. "I'm not sure. May-" I was saying as I got interrupted. "Brianna!! Cherish!! Guess what?!?!" Kaylee and Natasha both shouted at us. "What?" We both said curiously. Kaylee Spoke first "We both really like Zayn so much but we can't decide who gets to have him. Can you please help us! Were begging you." Brianna and I looked at each other in such concentration. Brianna then started to speak "Well first of all we don't know if he likes any of you." "What about Perrie....his girlfriend? You remember about her ,right?" I asked to both of them. "Oh..Yeah..her." Natasha said gloomy. "Pshhh! You forgot about her....? Cause I know I didn't" Kaylee said nervously laughing. Both of them turned around then walked away slowly and sadly. "I kinda feel bad for them. Remember how they always fought about who got to date Zayn in their dreams or pretended he was there and they acted like the both got to date them?" I said. "Yeah. But hey he's famous and hot, he wasn't going to be available forever." Spoke Brianna. (20 minutes later) Brianna ran up to me. "So when are you going to call Harry?!?!" Excitingly said Rhiannon. "Soon...But what if he gave me a fake number to get my hopes up?" I questioned. "Please he probably wouldn't of done that! He seems like a very nice boy. Now I understand why you obsess over them." My mom said walking up towards up with a plate of warm fresh Chocolate chip cookies. "Yeah..Maybe it is a real number. But why would he choose me to date instead of some pretty, Famous, Talented, Billionare?" I said as I grabbed a cookie from the plate. "I don't know. But whatever he saw in you it must of really turned him on." Said Brianna while giggling. As I smiled and giggled back "Yeah I guess so." "Well lets call the number and see if you guys are right." I said happily and a little bit skeptical. I dialed the number and put the phone on speaker. "Hello?" Said a voice. "Um hi. This is Cherish. Who is speaking if I must ask?" "This is Harry Styles speaking" "Oh marvelous! Hold on one moment, please." I replied. I then turned off the speaker and put the phone against my shoulder and let out a BIG scream. I then put it back on speaker. "Okay i'm back." I said calmly. "Awesome. So have you calmed down? Good thing your parents had the paramedics there because that was a big surprise for you, huh?" He asked kindly and chucked. "Yeah. Ha-Ha good thing. Also yes I have calmed down a lot." I started to tear up. I teared up because I couldn't believe that that moment was happening and that I was actually speaking to Harry Styles of One Direction at the moment. Harry then interrupted my thoughts and puzzle I was trying to put together of why he chosen me. "Well it was good hearing your voice again. But I gotta get back to rehearsals. Actually maybe I can take you out to dinner on Sunday. Maybe out for some Chinese or something, your choice." He said full of hope. "One moment, Please again." I said again. I turned the speaker off put it up to my shoulder then screamed so loud my throat started to hurt and then i busted out crying. I then proceeded back to my phone call. "I would love to! Thank you sooo much for all this. So you'll pick me up on Sunday at 6:30 P.M.?" I asked. "Yes! and your very welcome. Bye love" Harry replied back to my question. "Good-night." I said back with a wide grin on my face. (Okay guys so that's my second chapter I hope you liked it! Stay updated for my third chapter that will be coming out soon!) =)

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