One Direction Take me Home♥

My name is Cherish Hutchinson. I've always had an obsession with One Direction. I never thought my life would turn out to be this way. Do I like dating them or is it to stressful? My Journey begins now and there is no turning back...(Story contains names from real life aka Cherish is me and some other characters are my friends (: Thanks!)


9. Niall has a sister?

"Hey guys I'm going to the airport to pick my sis-uh I mean my mom......" Niall said as he was heading out the door. "What? At first it sounded like you were about to say sister.....Niall you have a sister???" I said confusingly. "Um....Yeah....I never told anyone because well I don't why I didn't tell anybody about my sister....Her name is Rhiannon. The only thing is we have different fathers. That's why she might not exactly look related." Niall explained. "Dude, it would of been okay to tell us...We wouldn't mind. Hey it would be cool because we all have sisters. They could like get along very well or something." Harry said. "Yeah I guess......Harry and Cherish I need to speak to you guys when I get back, okay?" Niall said. "Um okay? Have a safe ride!" I said back to Niall. *Niall returns with his sister" "So you must be Niall's sister he never told us about." I said as I sprung up from sitting next to Hazza. "Yeah I guess I am." Rhiannon said with a chuckle. All the boys hugged her and Niall took her bag and showed her to her room. (Yeah everyone is practically staying at Harry's house.) We all played games until Niall remembered that he had to speak to us. He tapped us and gestured us to go into his room. "So what did you need to talk about?" Harry asked. "Well I wanted to say congratulations for you two. Um well You moved the wedding up to next week, right? Asked Niall. "Yeah....why? I asked curiously on why he had to take us into the room to ask that. "Well then okay....He he....Well lets get back to the game!" Niall said with a nervous look on his face. "Okay......?" I said as I was looking up at Harry. (Hey guys!!!!! Sup. lol. I have to change the character that Liam is dating because the person that wanted to be Niall's sis was also Liams girlfriend and my friend in the story so yeah. I'll have to get around to that. Well buy guys!! a chapter will be posted tomorrow!) =)

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