One Direction Take me Home♥

My name is Cherish Hutchinson. I've always had an obsession with One Direction. I never thought my life would turn out to be this way. Do I like dating them or is it to stressful? My Journey begins now and there is no turning back...(Story contains names from real life aka Cherish is me and some other characters are my friends (: Thanks!)


13. Harry and I get "Frisky"

WARNING! BEFORE U READ THIS IF U GET SICK EASILY DON'T READ!!! *About 3 weeks later* It was a rainy, cold day. I was wearing Harry’s sweatshirt with black leggings. My hair was up in a curly, messy bun with a black bow at the top. I was wearing my favorite fuzzy socks that had pandas at the bottom of them. I was watching some t.v. It was late in the afternoon, and Harry was still out with Liam , helping him decide what to buy Brianna for their anniversary . I was cold and lonely, sad that I barely got to see Harry at all today, other than when you both got up in the morning while he got ready. I sighed to myself and walked into the kitchen to grab a snack . I opened the cupboard to find Nilla Wafers “perfect" I thought to myself. The only problem was that I was very short . About 5’2 to be exact . And the Wafers were up on The very tall shelf. I stood on my tippy toes, reaching as far as possible to get the wafers . Just then , I heard the door open , and there stands Harry . Wearing a grey sweatshirt and chinos with convers . Not the best outfit choice , but he still looked gorgeous as ever . “Hello darling . I missed you” Harry said . I looked at him laughing at the fact that I was now sitting on top of the counter , almost in touch with the Nilla wafers . “Oh Harry , I missed you to .” I said . He came over , standing in front of me while I was sitting on the counter. I wrapped my legs around him , trying to pull closer . He smiles his cheeky grin at me , that melts me every time . He pecks my mouth with his pink, plump lips. I fall into the kiss , wanting nothing more than to be wrapped around his arms and never letting go. He pulls back and winks at me. “were you trying to get the wafers?” asks Harry. His thick, deep accent sending shivers down my spine. ” we’ll I was , but I couldn’t seem to reach them.” he laughed as he pulled me off the counter , reaching up and grabbing the cookies . “thank you baby” I said, landing a quick kiss on his cheek. I opened the box and began to eat them . Harry just gazes at you . You blush 

“Harry, why do you keep staring at me?” He just smiles .  “Cherish, have I ever told you how beautiful you are?” he says  “oh Harry , stop it .”  I mess with his curls, running my fingers through them softly .  “would you like a Wafer?” I ask smiling . “actually , I would much rather be eating something else .” he gives me a devilish smile . What a cheesy line, I thought to myself . But oddly enough, it turned me on. I laugh loudly , blushing . “oh really?” I ask.  “mmmm”  I closed the box of Nilla wafers and walked back to the cupboard , trying to put them back . I got on my tippy toes once again, trying to reach . Harry comes up behind me, his muscular stomach running against my backside . I could feel a little bump in his lower area . He grabs the box from me, putting them back where they went. He flips me around , us two now facing each other. I bite my lower lip . Harry grabs my waist , throwing me over his shoulder. “HARRY!” I scream. I start play punching his back , yelling at him to put me down. But we both knew I didn't want him to. Harry walks towards the stairs, carrying me up. we make it into the bedroom , and he lightly throws me on the bed. Harry climbs on top of me, his hands pinning mine above my head.  “Mr. Styles, your being an awfully bad boy . Throwing me over your shoulder , not putting me down . And now you come and throw me on the bed, pinning me down…” he grins, moving to my ear whispering “yeah? Well You've been a naughty girl. And I’m going to have to punish you” Harry says then I gasp . So many dirty images running through my mind. He starts by kissing my neck, lightly nibbling underneath my ear. He knows I'm ticklish.  “mmmm , Harry . Knock it off” I moan/say roughly to him.  He moves away from my neck, making his way to my mouth. He roughly presses his mouth to mine, his tongue gliding the bottom of my lip. I know he wants access, so I give it to him. Our tongues are now battling for dominance . Harry wins, and I to passionately kiss for a while. He lets my hands go, and decides to get up and walk away . “Harry!” I yell “where are you going?”  “shhhh” says Harry. He goes into the night stand pulling out a pair of hand cuffs . Oh no . Not the hand cuffs  He has a devilish smile on his face and he walks over to me. “take your sweatshirt off” Harry says. I pull of the sweatshirt  forgetting I wasn't wearing a bra . His eyes brighten as he sees me topless. He grabs my hands, pinning them to the bed . He handcuffs me so I am now helpless . I wonder what I have gotten myself into, and what’s going to happen. I can see his now harden bulge in his pants . He gets back on top of me, planting a kiss before he goes down to my breast . He begins by grabbing them , massaging them almost . He kisses my bottom lip and bites it. I let out a quiet scream . He grins up at me, moving to the top lip, with the same routine . He glides his tongue down between my two breast , licking downwards until he gets to the rim of my leggings. *This continues for a little bit.* When we were finished we panted very hard and tried to catch our breath. "Wow! You were amazing, babe." Harry says as he turns to look at me. "You to...I never thought that would ever happen to me.." I say as I continue to pant. I fall asleep in Harry's arms. (HIYA!!! most of these parts go to my bff!! that was pretty dirty don't ya think..? lmao bye guys! new chapter comes out tomorrow!) =)

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