One Direction Take me Home♥

My name is Cherish Hutchinson. I've always had an obsession with One Direction. I never thought my life would turn out to be this way. Do I like dating them or is it to stressful? My Journey begins now and there is no turning back...(Story contains names from real life aka Cherish is me and some other characters are my friends (: Thanks!)


18. Fight for Liam's Heart

The next day after hearing how badly Brianna wanted to murder Rhiannon we settled down a little bit. We tried to remain calm but we couldn't stop talking about it. "I have an idea." I said as I pounce up to my feet. "And what is this 'idea' you have?" Rhiannon asks. "Well. lets invite Brianna out to the park and we could talk it out. But let's hope she won't murder you..." I suggest. (Rhiannon's Thoughts: Yeah her murder me..More like me murder her..heh heh heh! End of Rhiannon's Thoughts) "Yeah um..Okay we can invite her to the park. We can straighten this out." Rhiannon says as she grabs the phone and hands it to me. I dial up Brianna's cell. {Hello?} "Hey! Um I have the girl who Liam ermm likes. So um come to the park and you can do whatever to straighten this problem out with her." I say. {Okay! I'll be there. Ooh is she going down to the ground 3:D} "Um Okay. See you there." I reply to her frighting remark. I hang up the phone and we grab our coats and head out the door. As we arrive at the park we see Brianna over by the pond looking at her reflection. I think she was saying out loud to herself "I'm so gorgeous! Liam is totally going to pick me over that ugly hog." As we see her I look over to my side seeing all of the boys. Liam approaches her and kinda talks to her. We walk up from behind and I tap her on the shoulder "What do you wa-Oh hey! So this is the B$@ch who tried to steal my Lili?" She says as she turns with an angry facial expression. Or she looks like she's ready to jump Rhiannon. "Uh yeah..That would be me..." Rhiannon says as she steps forward. "Rhiannon?! What are you doing here?" Liam says with shock in his eyes. "Yeah I'm Rhiannon...Brianna you wanted to talk to me?" Rhiannon says as she glances at the ground. "Yeah I did! I wanted to teach you a lesson!! Come here you white trash!" Brianna yells but Liam pulls her back. Rhiannon takes a step back. Then come in the rest of the boys. They were all squawking "What going on?! Or Are you okay?" "Yo Brianna don't hurt her. She didn't do anything to you. Plus it's not fair. She's too sweet and kind to fight back." Liam says as he turns to face Brianna. "So this is the girl who you loved? huh?! Well nothing is going to stop me!" Brianna sternly yells. She pounces on Rhiannon. All you could here was "Get off of her! Stop it! Leave her alone!! Or Please don't kill her!" It was very terrifying to witness. Finally Zayn, Louis, and Niall pulled Brianna off of Rhiannon. Liam was by Rhiannon's side and Harry was hugging me trying to cover me so I wouldn't see it. Because my two best friends were practically murdering each other. "Stop! The both of you! Liam can choose who ever he wants to date! It's not up to you!" Zayn yells. as The boys let go of Rhiannon and Brianna all of us witnessed something that no one would ever see coming from Rhiannon. POW! Right in the face! Rhiannon crashes her hand smack right in the middle of Brianna's face. Which ended up breaking her nose, Giving her a black eye, and her top lip was swollen. "WOOOOOOOOOAH!!!!!! AWESOME! I NEVER THOUGHT RHIANNON WOULD EVER DO THAT! That's a first. But good job standing up for yourself!" Most of the boys said. "I thought you were some sweet quiet girl who never fought." Liam says as he runs over to Rhiannon. Brianna was crying while flat on the floor and holding her nose. "Proves you right! No one messes with me B!TCH!" Rhiannon says as she jumps up and down. "Wow that was awesome. Also I think I made my mind up...I choose.....Rhiannon to be my new girlfriend." Liam says as he runs over to Rhiannon and swoops her off of her feet. I walk over to Brianna telling her that we were no longer friends. She didn't take it that hard. But she was still crying buckets....(Heyo! Like it? huh huh huh? lol) =)

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