One Direction Take me Home♥

My name is Cherish Hutchinson. I've always had an obsession with One Direction. I never thought my life would turn out to be this way. Do I like dating them or is it to stressful? My Journey begins now and there is no turning back...(Story contains names from real life aka Cherish is me and some other characters are my friends (: Thanks!)


6. Are we ready for this?

*Few Week's later* So This evening Harry and I were talking about some stuff. He was talking about how he wanted to have babies. I wasn't even sure because we weren't even ready and we were only like 19 yrs. Also I wasn't sure because he was super famous and he had concerts and tours, and all of that wonderful stuff. So my solution was that whenever we get married or if he does proposes we will have a baby. But we have to be at least 20 yrs. or something like that. I was now thinking about that for the rest of the day or maybe for the rest of my life or up till that point in my life does come. I was now some what excited. Harry went and told the boys about his idea and they were happy with it and really excited. Because they thought about bringing our kid on the tour bus and how awesome it would be. But thinking back at it I think that it will be so nice to see them treat Harry's and I's kid like they do with baby Lux. (Okay enough with baby talk. Let's get on with the rest of the story, shall we?) *Someone knocks at front door* "I'll get it!" I said as I joyfully sprung up to answer the door. "Hello?" I answered to the door. "Hi!" Said Eleanor (Lou's Gf) "Oh, Hi there! So nice to see you. Oh please come inside. Louis is over there sitting on the couch talking with the boys. :)" I said happily as yes I was very happy to see her. "Hey love!" Louis said as he sprung up from the couch to greet his lovely girlfriend. "Hey babe. I was looking for you!" Eleanor replied back. *They hug then Louis pecks at her cheek* "So what are you guys talking about? Anything interesting that maybe I should know about?" Questioned El. "Harry you tell her! :)" I said excitingly. (Because I didn't mention this but Eleanor and I are very good friends. Fun fact her and I knew each other since High School I think it was.) *Back to story* "Well, Um.........Cherish and I are deciding when one day if we get married a little bit after we do we are going to have a child together!" Harry said with the widest smile on his face which made me smile and made me super happy. *She gasps* "Oh my gosh that is great!!!!! Pre Congratulations for you guys!" Eleanor said with a happy tone and a happy laugh also as Harry and I go to hug her. "Well who's up for tea?" Said Liam. "And Nandos!!!" Niall added. everyone laughed and agreed to some tea and "Yes, Niall we can have Nandos." Zayn said as everyone chuckled. (Hey guys!!! Exciting part isn't it? Excited for the baby talk? Tell me what you thought of this. Maybe Like it, favorite it, even maybe become a fan! Also check out my next book if you can! thanks lovlies and bye!) =)

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