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"Get.Out." The words that made my life what it is now... FUCKING AWESOME!!!
I'm sorry when I was 9 my parents kicked me out. I got put into care. I'm still in care. I'm 15. Yeah, I was really weird back then. If I was normal I would have gotten fostered. But, I'm not TOO normal now even. Then again, life in the Dumping Ground is way better than the life's of my mates at school. Anyways, more about me, my best friend is in care with me, his name is Louis. He is three years older than me. Um there is this really cute guy at school called Niall... I kinda fancy him... But yeah life is good for me. Oh one little secret. No one at school knows about me and Lou being in care.......


1. Yoha Broha!!!

If you wanna know about me look at the blurb

"Terra, breakfast is downstairs" I shake my favourite little kid awake, Terra is 6 and she is very sweet. I always (ALWAYS!!) take care of her. She used to get bullied at school for being dyslexic so I went up to the chick who was bullying her and punched her face in... I swear her nose was already broken!!! No one messed with Terra after that.

"OI! Samuel! Get up and go eat!" I yell at Samuel, he and I have a love hate friendship. He can be REALLY annoying but he is pretty clever so he and I are like partners in crime. He has be expelled from 4 schools for pranking teachers that he didn't like.

"LOCKY!! Get the hell up!!" I hear Louis -my best friend- scream at the oldest kid in the dumping ground. Locky has anger issues and he tends to throw whatever is on his left at the thing or person he is mad at.

"Mandy. Up. Now." I have issues with Mandy she irritates me for some reason. I have no idea why.

"Fuck you Star! My name is ZEEGA!! God.." She informs me. She hates her name so she changed it to Zeega because Mitchell Musso said he wanted to name his daughter Zeego. Mand- Zeega is obsessed with Mitchell Musso.

"Flow, go have breakfast sweetie" I heard Lou say to Flow. Flow is so awesome. She is my best female friend. She is 13 but she looks 16 and acts, well, 4.... Louis has been in this care home for 11 years, and flow has been for 7 so Louis has always looked after her and took her out shopping and beat up one of the asses that dumped her... Flow is really sensitive but outgoing.

I look at Lou and he looks at me. We smirked at each other and ran to the doorway.
"TOOOONNNYYYY!!! WAAAKKEEEE UUUUUUPP!!!!!" We scream at the top of our lungs in usion. Tony is the C.W.I.T. Care Worker in traing. Last night was his first night sleeping at the DG (Dumping Ground). He went through hell! Samuel and I did the warm water trick; you get a bucket of warm water and put the Victim's hand in it, then they wet the bed and you have to get rid of all the evidence. But uh, he woke up after he wet himself and before we could get out of the room. We had to clean up.

"Broccoli, time to get up and eat food." Broccoli's real name is Suzii but she hated broccoli when she was 6 and never told anyone. Each day one of us kids would find a stash of broccoli in our rooms some where. She is now 8 and doesn't have any front teeth. She looks adorable. But she is kind and sweet when you meet her at first but once she gets to know you she shows you her true Colours. Liar, major attitude probz, theif, slightly mentally crazy and a bully. Just joking she doesn't speak at all and is really random and fun to be around.

"Lou," I say "I want a shoulder ride."
"No." He answered.
"Louis, Louis, Louis. Will you never learn?" I say my tone of voice complete with a drop of sass "I did not ask. I told you that I wanted my but on your shoulders." I mentally laught at how wrong that sounded. "Now sit on the stairs and think about your behaviour!"

He actually went and sat on the third step down. Perfect.

"FEEE FYYY FOOO FUUUMM, LOUIS, HERE I COme!!" I run and get on his shoulders "WEEEEEEE!!" I scream.

"Where to M'Lady?" He asks me in a funny accent.

He gallops down the stairs and into the kitchen, grabs another carton of milk only to drop it on the living room floor -by accident- and having it burst open; which lets milk go EVERYWHERE.

Oh, Louis when WILL you learn??


Hey guys I know it's short but I really think I will be able to carry on and Finnish this movella! Please comment to tell me what you think and if you have any suggestions please comment below!! Um, because its a care home I can put new characters in all the time so comment below if you wanna be a character. This will be a surprise fanfic so you have no idea who she will date. Oops I can't be bothered going back to the top to see what her name is... Or if I even put a name (..•_•..)
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