Switched at Birth

This is my first FanFic. It's about a 17 year old girl named Piper. She is the younger sister of One Direction member Louis Tomlinson. She lives with a (mostly) loving family, and has no idea that she is related to THE Louis Tomlinson. She has a look alike who's name is Ellie who was switched with her at birth. Will she ever get back to her long lost family? Will she be excepted by them? Read and find out.


1. Intro

 Piper's POV

Name: Piper Brayla Anderson. Age: 17. Description: Grey/blue eyes, long, wavy brunette hair, and I'm 5'5'. I have one brother, Peeta. Mum and Dad separated a few years after Peeta was born, and both of us lived with Mum. Lived. Because a drunk driver hit her when she was on her way home from the store. Peeta cried for weeks, as he was only 5 at the time and didn't understand what had happened. We had no choice but to move in with Dad. Our abusive father. Even though him and Mum had been divorced, when he heard news of what had happened, he couldn't function right. He forced us to move to the U.S. with him. Ever since the move, he's been abusing us. I try to take the worst of Dad's blows. Try to keep him away from Peeta. But sometimes, Dad hurts me so much that I pass out, and he gets to Peeta. I get very emotional when Dad hurts him, but I try to stay strong. For Peeta. He means the world to me. If Dad ever hurt him as much as he hurts me, I would never forgive myself. But other than life at home, school isn't much better. I have no friends. Everyone thinks I'm a freak, with my bruises and cuts. Well, I have one friend, Tori. She is really the only other person besides Peeta keeping me alive. She's petite, and has dyed purple hair. She has a nose ring. She says her hair and piercing "express who she is." Basically everyone else at school thinks we are the losers and freaks. Life pretty much sucks.

Ellie's POV

Name: Ellie Cory Tomlinson. Age: 17. Description: Emerald eyes, medium brunette hair, and I'm about 5'6". I have one older brother, Louis. Don't fangirl. He's just a normal teenage boy. I wish people would understand that! Mum and Dad are divorced, and we live with Mum. On the weekends, we stay with Dad. Louis and I are really close. We don't go to school anymore, because of all the screaming girls. We get homeschooled by tutors that One Direction's manager hired.  I have tons of friends, but some are jealous that I get to spend so much time with the worlds biggest boy band. My very best friend is Kendall. She has light brown/blonde curly hair. She's a little taller than me. She and I have been friends since we were, like, two. We know each other better than we know ourselves. She has had a crush on Louis for a while, and it creeps me out. So she LOVES coming over when Louis is home. Life is great, it couldn't possibly get better!

**Author's Note***

What could these two totally different girls have in common, you ask? Well I'm not gonna spoil it:)

And on another note, I'm excited for you guys to read it! I know it's only the first chapter, but give me feedback please! So that maybe, just maybe, this could be as good as Only You. Just maybe.

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