Unexpected Love

Lacey auditions for The X-Factor and meets the boys of One Direction finds true love with one of them and one turns out to be her brother. She discovers things she never expected.


6. The Hotel

We arrive at the hotel and I get out of my car and grab my bags. I turn planning on walking over to Harry's car but he's right in front of me and grab my bags out of my hands.
"You don't have to carry those for me I can handle it." I say.
"I know but I want to." Harry says.
I smile at him and he smiles back. "Thank you."
"Anything for you love." He says and kisses my cheek.
We go in the hotel and get in the elevator and go up to the 10th floor and go to his room. He uses his hotel key and opens the door. Its a big hotel room with two king sized beds.
"Harold? Is that you?" I hear a someone ask.
"Yeah, its me." Harry says then Louis appears from the bathroom.
"Hey bro who's this?" Louis asks.
"This is Lacey Dashwood my girlfriend." Harry says and I look at him with a questioning look.
"Girlfriend?" I ask.
"Yes well at least that's how I see you. Will you be my girlfriend?"
"I don't know. Let me think about it." I say joking and he gives me puppy dog eyes and pouty lips. I kiss his pouty lips and look him in his beautiful green eyes. "Of course I will Harry."
His pout goes away and he smiles.
"Its nice to meet you Lacey. I'm Louis." He says and hugs me.
"Babe I'm going to put your bags in the closet with my stuff." Harry says.
"Okay." I say.

Authors Note:
Sorry for the short chapter. I've decided to do it in POV. Tell me what you think.
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