Unexpected Love

Lacey auditions for The X-Factor and meets the boys of One Direction finds true love with one of them and one turns out to be her brother. She discovers things she never expected.


7. Similarities


I put Lacey's bags in the closet next to mine. I close the closet and go see what Lacey and Louis are doing. They seem to be getting along well. They're sitting at the small table together having a Pepsi. I watch them pick up the cans at the same time and drink and they both suck the rim to get the drops that got stuck in it. Then I realize that they have the same eyes. Weird.
"Hey babe," I say walking over to the table. "Do you want to watch a movie?"
"Yeah, sure." Lacey says and smiles. I love her smile and when our eyes meet I see all the love in the world for me. I feel the same way. I hope she never has to go back to her father and I will try and make sure that never happens.
"Louis would you like to join us?" I ask.
"Only if we can watch Greese." Louis says.
"I love that movie its one of my favorites." Lacey says.
"Mine too. You know I played Danny in the play in high school." Louis says.
"That's so cool." She says.
"Yeah it was." He says and goes and gets his carrots out of the fridge.
"Hey can I have some? I love carrots." Lacey asks.
"Sure." Lou says and they pass the bag back and forth. Wow they eat carrots the same way.
I can't believe Louis is actually sharing his carrots. He never shares his carrots.
"Can I have one Lou?" I ask.
"No get your own bag." He says laughing.
Hmm that's weird. Louis's in love with El so I know he's not into Lacey.
I put the movie in and I turn to Louis.
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