Unexpected Love

Lacey auditions for The X-Factor and meets the boys of One Direction finds true love with one of them and one turns out to be her brother. She discovers things she never expected.


5. Long Story Short

"My mom died in a car accident when I was 10. I was in the car I made it out with only cuts a bruises. Shortly after my dad started drinking and became an alcoholic and became abusive to me. That's where I go these bruises and this cut on my face from." I say and Harry tightens his arms around me I'm still crying.
"Shh, its going to be okay. I wont let him hurt you again. I promise."
I hug him tighter not wanting to let go. Harry's phone goes off.
"You can take it." I say.
"Okay." He says and looks at his phone. "Its Simon."
He answers. "Hey Simon what's up?"
"Okay we'll be right there. Bye." He says and hangs up. "Simon wants to talk to you in his office."
"Okay." I say as Harry wipes my tears away then looks into my eyes and kisses me.
"We should go see Simon now." Harry says.
"Right." I say and we get up and Harry takes my hand and our fingers interlock and we walk into the house and go to Simon's office. Harry knocks on the door.
"Come in." I hear Simon call and Harry opens the door. "Have a seat please."
I take a seat and Harry takes the seat next to me.
"Lacey I don't think you belong on this show." Simon says.
"What!?" I say.
"I think you're too good to be on any singing show. I would like it if you joinned my record label."
"Seriously?" I ask.
"Yes. So what do you say? We'll start with an album then how about you go on tour with One Direction. You'd be opening for them." Simon says and I look at Harry he smiles big and his amazing dimples show.
"I'll do it." I say.
"Just sign here and you can go home." Simon says and I look at Harry.
"You can come stay at my hotel with me." Harry says and takes my hand.
"Thank you." I say and sign the contract.
"See you in a few months in London where my company is." Simon says.
"Okay, thank you so much." I say and shake his had.
"You're welcome." He says and we leave.
I jump into Harry's arms and he spins me around and kisses me.
"Congrats." He says and we go to my room and I grab my bags. And Harry walks me to my Mini Cooper. "Follow me to the hotel." He says.
"Okay. I'll see you there." I say and put my bags in the car and Harry kisses me one last time and I get into my car Harry goes to his and we pull out.
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