Unexpected Love

Lacey auditions for The X-Factor and meets the boys of One Direction finds true love with one of them and one turns out to be her brother. She discovers things she never expected.


17. Christmas Eve


Today is Louis's 21st birthday and him and El have moved out of the flat and moved into one of there own. We're all going out to Nandos tonight for his birthday with all the boys. First we're going to mum and dads for lunch. Its hard not to tell them I'm pregnant. But it will be best to wait till after Christmas.
Harry and I are driving to my parents house now.
"What if I get hit with morning sickness? How am I going to hide this?" I ask Harry.
"Babe relax everything is going to be fine." Harry says.
"Okay." I say and Harry grabs my hand and we interlock our fingers.
We get to my parents house and Louis and El are already here. We go in.
Mum comes over and hugs me.
"Hi mum." I say.
"Hi honey." She lets go of me and hugs Harry. "Hello Harry."
"Hi Mrs. Tomlinson. Its good to see you." He says.
Dad gives me a hug. "Hi sweetie."
"Hi daddy." I say.
"Hi Harry. I've missed you." Lottie says trying yet again to flirt with Harry. Lottie has a crush on Harry. We find it funny. We look at each other and laugh.
"Lottie would you leave poor Harold alone. And he's your sisters boyfriend." Louis says.
"Ugh! I'm going to my room. I hate you Lacey!" Lottie says.
"Tell me something I don't know." I say and she slams her door. I go over to Louis and give him a hug. "Happy birthday Louis." I say.
"Thanks Lace." Louis says. El comes in the room and she hugs me.
"Hey how are you feeling?" El whispers in my ear.
"Eh." I whisper back.
She releases me.
"Well I'm hungry so lets eat." Louis says.
"Okay boo bear." Mum says.
We sit at the table and have something to eat. After we eat I go and sit on the couch with Harry and he wraps his arms around my wait and holds my stomach where our baby is.
"How do you like the sound of being called mummy?" Harry whispers.
"I love it." I whisper. "How about you being called daddy?"
"Sounds amazing." He whispers and kisses me. Then I start to fall asleep.
I wake up a half hour later and I feel really sick and I get up and walk into the bathroom and throw up. There's a knock on the door.
"Lacey, you okay in there?" Mum asks.
"Yeah mum I'm fine I just have a stomach bug. I think Harry and I should be getting home now." I say and come out of the bathroom.
"You okay babe?" Harry asks.
"Yeah, I just need to go home and lay down." I say.
"Okay babe lets go then." He says.
We say our goodbyes and go to our flat.
I go lay down in our bedroom and quickly fall asleep.


I go into our room and Lacey is sound asleep on our bed. I watch her sleep she looks like and angel. Her black hair curled is strewn over her pillow her hands are under her head and she's laying on her left side. She looks like she's a little cold so I walk over and pull the covers over her and kiss her cheek.
"I love you." I whisper and walk out of the room closing the door behind me. I go to the kitchen and grab a Pepsi and go sit on the couch and watch TV. I look at the clock and I realize that Lacey has been sleeping for 3 hours. I go to our room and she's still sleeping. I hate to wake her up but we have to meet the guys at Nandos in an hour.
"Lacey, it's time to wake up." I say and she makes and complaining sound and turns her back to me. "Come on babe we have to get ready to go out to dinner for Louis birthday with the guys."
She sighs.
"If you don't get up I'm just going to have to tickle you till you do." I tell her.
"Please don't babe." She says with a smile.
"Get up." I say putting my hands where she's really ticklish.
"Mmm no." She says and grabs my stomach and tickles me first so I tickle her back and we have a tickle fight. Ten minutes later she looks me in the eyes and grabs the back of my neck a pulls my head down to hers and she kisses me. I kiss her back so passionately I try take her shirt off but her hand stops me.
"Babe we don't have time. Maybe when we get back." She says and kisses me.
"Okay babe." I say and she goes and gets ready and I do the same.
Once I'm done I go to the bathroom door and knock on it.
"Babe are you almost ready to go?" I ask and she doesn't respond I hear the toilet flush and then I hear her throw up. I feel so bad. I did this too her. I go in and help her hold her hair back for her.
"Baby I'm so sorry I did this to you. I feel so bad." I tell her.


"Is as much my fault as it is yours. But this baby is not a mistake and I will never regret it. I already love this baby so much." I say.
"So do I baby. I can't wait to meet our baby girl." He says.
"So sure its going to be a girl aren't you?" I ask.
"Absolutely that's what I want and I feel that its a girl. And she's going to be beautiful like her mummy." He says.
"Well in a couple months we can go and get the gender of the baby okay?"

We go and get into the car and start heading to Nandos.
"Harry we need to go home." I say feeling really sick suddenly.
"What's wrong are you okay?" He asks really worried.
"Pull over." I say and he pulls over and I jump out of the car and go to the edge of the road and throw up. I feel hands on my back rubbing circles.
"Okay, we can go home and watch movies on the couch okay?" Harry says.
"Okay. I'm sorry."
"Its okay baby. The guys will understand." He says and calls Louis.
"Hey Lou, we can't make it Lacey's morning sickness is really bad right now." He says.
"Yeah sure. She'd love that. See you then." Harry says.
"What's up?" I ask getting back into the car.
"They're going to bring the food to our flat and eat there with us."
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