Unexpected Love

Lacey auditions for The X-Factor and meets the boys of One Direction finds true love with one of them and one turns out to be her brother. She discovers things she never expected.


18. Christmas Eve pt. 2


There's a knock on the door to our flat.
"I got it." I say and go open the door.
"Lacey!" Louis yells and hugs me. I hug my crazy brother back.
"Hi Louis where's the food I'm starving." I say then look at Niall who has a few bags from
Nandos. "Niall give me the food." I say.
"What if I don't?" Niall asks.
"Then I will be forced to tackle you." I say.
"Babe no you're not going to tackle him. You're pregnant." Harry says.
"But baby I want my food." I say and give him a pouty face he kisses me.
"Still not getting your food." Niall says and I chase him around the flat and Louis joins in and we both jump on Niall and take the food. And we're all laughing. But I see Harry walk away then hear our bedroom door slam shut. I roll my eyes.
"I should go talk to him." I say and go walk to our bedroom and reach for the handle and turn it and push. It won't budge. He locked the damn door. What the hell? If I ever did that he would flit out an probably break the door down.
"Harry open the damn door." I say.
"Why should I listen to you you don't listen to me." He says says pissed off.
"Babe open the damn door or I'm leaving." I say. He does say anything and I don't hear footsteps.
"Fine. I'm gone. Don't bother coming to find me. You're being a baby and overreacting. I'm having a baby I don't need my boyfriend to act like one." I say and walk away and go get my shores on.
"Lacey where are you going?" Louis asks.
"I'm leaving." I say with tears in my eyes. "If he tries to come looking for me don't let him."
"Where are you going?!" Louis yells.
"Away!" I yell and put my sweater on and open the door walk out and slam it shut.


I hear the door slam really loud and know Lacey's gone. Whatever I don't need her I don't need to be held back by a baby.
There's a loud banging on the door.
"Harry let me in now!" Louis yells.
I open the door and Louis swings and hits me in the face.
"What the hell Louis?!" I ask yelling.
"My sister is gone again! This time because of you. I told you not to hurt her and look what you did she's gone she never wants to see you again."
"I don't care. I'm not ready to be a father." I say.
"Do you think Lacey's ready to be a mother? And now a single mother. She has to do it on her own now. I'm not ready yet to be a father but I'm so happy about it I'm scared and worried I'm not going to be a good dad. And you were gonna ask her to marry you tomorrow you just broke her heart and threw it away. Do you not love her anymore? What's going on with you?" Louis asks.
I start crying. "I'm scared I'm nervous and I love her very much and I was just protecting her and the baby. I love her and the baby. I don't know how to be a dad."
"Harry I understand but you are amazing when you're taking care of Lux. When I see how you are with Lux I always say. He's going to make an amazing father one day. You can do this Harry. You have seven and a half months left. If you want to be Lacey's husband and apart of your baby's life go find Lacey and make this right." Louis says.
"Where is she?" I ask as I get up and put my Jack Willis sweater on.
"She wouldn't say she just left." Louis says.
"I'll look everywhere. Louis thanks for knocking some sense into me." I say.
"You're welcome and sorry about the black eye." He says.
"What?" I say and look in a mirror yep my right eye is bruised.
"Sorry." He says.
"No I deserved it." I say and run out of the room and out the door and down to the car lot. I run to my car and I see that Lacey's car is still here and she's sitting in it crying.
I knock on the window.
"Babe can we talk?" I ask her.
"No, leave me alone Harry." She says and turns on the radio and blares it.
"I don't take no for an answer." I say then remember that I have her spare keys in my car. I get then and unlock the passenger door and get in.
"What the hell do you want?" She asks through tears.
"I want you." I say and put my hand on her stomach where our baby is. "And our baby in my life forever."
"But you rejected me. You let me leave. You didn't stop me." She says.
"I know and I'm sorry. If it makes you feel any better you're brother gave me a black eye." I say and turn on the light.
"What?" She says and looks at it. "Oh baby I'm so sorry." She says. And takes hold of my face.
"I'm sorry for a few minutes ago I didn't want anything to happen to you or the baby. I was being an overprotective ass. And the I got scared and convinced myself I didn't want the baby but I do oh Lacey I want this baby so badly and I want you. I've never been happier since you came into my life. I was going to wait till tomorrow to do this but I can't wait any longer."


Harry pulls out a red velvet box from his purple Jack Willis sweater and looks into my eyes.
"Lacey May Tomlinson from the first day I met you I knew you were the one for me. Today I can't even picture my life without you. You are the best thing to ever happen to me. I want to spend the rest of my life with you can have a family and grow old with you. I love you more than words will ever be able to explain. Lacey will you marry me?" He asks and opens the red box and takes this incredibly beautiful ring out of the box.
"Yes of course I will Harry. I love you so much." I say and cry tears of joy. He slips the ring on my left hand ring finger and kisses me passionately.
"Lets take this to our room." Harry whispers.
"Okay." I say and smile and he wipes all my tears away.
We get out of the car and Harry picks me up and carries me bridal style up into our flat. Everyones still there.
"We're getting married!" Harry yells.
And everyone says congratulations to us.
"Now give us some alone time." Harry says and carries me to our room and puts me on the bed and we make sweet sweet love.
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