Unexpected Love

Lacey auditions for The X-Factor and meets the boys of One Direction finds true love with one of them and one turns out to be her brother. She discovers things she never expected.


15. Another Surprise

A few weeks later

I wake up and I feel so sick again. Get up fast and run into the bathroom and throw up into the Lou a few times. El comes in.
"Lacey? Are you okay?" She asks.
"Yeah, I think I just might have food poisoning." I say and clean my mouth and brush my teeth.
"I'll go get you some pepto I'll be right back." She says then a minute later she comes back and I take the pepto.
"Where's Harry?" I ask her.
"Him and Louis went to go do something. They wouldn't tell me though." El says.
"Oh okay. Well I'm just going to lay in here and watch some TV." I say sitting on me and Harry's bed.
"Okay. I'll make you some toast and bring you gingerale. It should help your stomach."
"Thanks El."
"No problem." She says and walks out.


Me and Louis are at the jewelers picking out an engagement ring for Lacey. Christmas is in a couple weeks and I'm going to ask her on Christmas.
I see on that catches my eye its perfect.
"Can I see this one please?" I ask the woman behind the counter.
"Of course Mr. Styles." She says and hands me the ring.
"This is it Louis. This is the one. It's perfect. What do you think?" I ask Louis.
"She's going to love it Harry. You better take good care of my sister."
"I will." I look at the lady. "I'll take this one."

(The ring): http://cdn-s3-2.wanelo.com/product/image/2199026/original.jpg

I pay for the ring.
"Lets go grab some lunch." I say to Louis.


"Lacey I don't think you have food poisoning. I think it might be something else." El says and hands me a box. I look at the box pregnancy tests.
"I-I can't be." I say scared.
"Lacey you have been like this for 3 weeks now. You have to at least check and do it before the boys get home. They're on there way. I'll be right here for you." El says.
"Okay." I say and go into the bathroom and do one of the tests.
I take it out with me and go sit next to El on my bed. It takes 3 minutes to get results.
"El what if I am? Harry can't be tied down with a kid he has the band and career. He's going to leave me then I'll be on my own with a baby."
"Harry is not going to leave you. Louis didn't leave me when I told him. He was so happy." El says.
"But that's different you guys have been together for a while and you're engaged. I've only been with Harry for 4 months now." I say.
"If he leaves you you'll always have me and Louis and the other boys. We all love you. And I know Louis will kick Harry's ass if he ever hurts you. He's really protective of you Lace."
"I know." I say and look at the test since its been 5 minutes now.
It shows a pink plus sign and I start to cry and throw it across the room. El gets up and picks it up and looks at it.
"Lacey, its all going to be okay I promise." She says.
"How am I going to tell Harry?" I ask her.
"Tell Harry what?" I hear Harry's voice asks frn the doorway. El hides the test behind her back.
"I-I-I'm p-p-pregnant." I say crying.
"What?!" I hear Louis yell.
Harry comes over and hugs me. Then Louis grabs Harry and pushes him against the wall.
"How could you be so stupid? You got my sister pregnant." Louis yells at him.
"Louis stop it! Leave him alone." I say still crying and get in between them.
Louis punches the wall next to Harry's head and storms out crying. El goes after him.
I look at Harry and I cry even harder. "I'll understand if you leave." I say and go curl up on the bed and put the covers over my head. Then I hear Harry's footsteps and the door close behind him. And I cry so much harder. He's gone forever.
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