Unexpected Love

Lacey auditions for The X-Factor and meets the boys of One Direction finds true love with one of them and one turns out to be her brother. She discovers things she never expected.


9. An Old Picture


It's been a little while since they went out in the hall. I go to the door and open it and peek my head out.
"Everything okay out here?" I ask.
"Yeah babe everything's fine." Harry says.
"Okay." I say and they follow me inside.
"Lets get to watching the movie." Louis says and hits play.
Harry comes and sits next to me on his bed and puts his arms around me and I put my arm around him and put my head on his shoulder and in the middle of the movie I feel myself drifting off to sleep.

I wake up at 9 in the morning to my phone going off. Harry's arms are still wrapped around me I try to get up without waking him up and I get out and he's still sleeping. My phone goes off again. I quick pick it up without looking who it is.
"Hello?" I say.
"Where the fuck are you you slut?!" UoMy dad says yelling
"None of you're damn business dad I moved out." I say.
"Get you're fucking bitch ass home or I swear I'll kill you!" He says.
"I can't my car broke down and I'm never coming back to that house again
You can't make me I'm 18." I say.
"I'm gonna find you and kick you're ass. You just wait you bitch. You killed your mother and now I think I'm going to kill you!" He screams into the phone and I start crying.
"Lacey?" I hear someone say. I turn and its Harry. "Babe are you okay?"
"Who is that!? I knew you were a slut you fucking little whore."
"I am not you drunk asshole." I yell at him and hang up and crumble on the floor and breakdown crying hysterically. Harry gathers me up in his arms and holds me tight and I cry into his chest.
"Who was that?" Harry asks.
"My dad." I say.
"Hey is everything okay?" I hear Louis ask in a morning voice.
"Its just my dad." I say remembering what my father just said to me. He's not just physically abusive he's verbally abusive.
"I'm sorry." He says and gives me a hug.
"We're going to go back to England today. And you're going to come and live with me okay?" Harry says.
"Okay, can I take a shower quick?" I ask.
"Of course you can babe. Let me get it started for you while you get your clothes." Harry says.
"Okay." I say and Harry kisses my forehead.
"Everything's going to be okay. I promise."
I nod my head and wipe my eyes.
"I love you." He says.
"I love you too." I say and go get my clothes and Harry starts my shower.
I grab my clothes and go into the bathroom and Harry has it all ready for me and walks out so I can shower.


I wonder why she's so upset about her dad. I hope she's okay
I see an upside down picture on the floor by the closet. I go over to it and pick it up and there's writting on the back Lacey age 4 is all it says. I turn it over to look at the picture. I can't believe what I see its my sister Lacey. Lacey Dashwood is my sister Lacey. I have to tell my parents.
"Oh my God!" I say out loud.
Harry comes over. "What closely.
"Lacey is my missing sister Harry." I say and show him the picture and I take a picture out of my wallet that I kept hidden in there or me and Lacey when she was 3 right before she went missing. I show Harry the picture of us and he holds then together and examining them closely.
"It's her. Louis we have to show her and tell her." Harry says.
"She wont believe me I need to bring her to our parents and they can tell her."
"Okay." Harry says.
Lacey comes out of the bathroom and I'm staring at the pictures.
"What are guys looking at?" She asks.
"Oh um just your picture of you and your um parents." I say and hand her her picture and quickly shove mine in my pocket.
"Oh thanks." She says with a sad smile. "Sometimes I feel like I was adopted cause I look nothing like them at all no resemblance to them.
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