Unexpected Love

Lacey auditions for The X-Factor and meets the boys of One Direction finds true love with one of them and one turns out to be her brother. She discovers things she never expected.


14. 3 Months Later

Its been three months since I reunited with my family. I have four younger sisters Lottie, Fizzy, Daisy and Phoebe who are twins. Lottie isn't too happy that she's not the oldest sister anymore so she kinda hates me but she'll get over it. Harry and I live in a nice big flat with Louis and El who has become my best friend. El and Louis are now engaged and are starting to look for a place of their own. They're out to dinner with Zayn and Perrie. They invited us but I just wanted to have a quiet night at home with Harry.
"Lets watch a movie." Harry says.
"Okay babe. Put in whatever you want." I say then he goes and picks up a movie and puts it in.
"I put in The Notebook." He says and sits next to me and puts his arms around me and we cuddle and watch the movie.
Harry looks at me. "I love you so much Lacey. You're the best thing to ever happen to me." He says and kisses me passionately and Harry pushes me so that I'm laying with my back on the couchand he gets on top of me. After a few minutes he picks me up and brings me into our bedroom and puts me on the bed and gets on top of me again and takes my shirt off I then take his off. He kisses my neck in my spot and I let out a moan and he kisses my mouth again and take off my pants and I do the same to him but I accidentally slip his boxer briefs off too.
He looks at me. "Oops I didn't mean to." I say then he kisses me again. His arms go around my back and undoes my bra and slips my underwear off. He looks me in the eyes.
"Are you sure?" He asks knowing this is our first time making sure I'm ready.
I just nod my head and he inserts himself in me and at first it hurts but quickly turns to pleasure.
After we finish we cuddle wearing nothing and I start to fall asleep.
"Goodnight baby I love you." Harry says.
"Goodnight. I love you too." I say and fall asleep in his arms.


I'm so in love with Lacey. She's amazing and beautiful. I know its only been 3 months but I want to spend every waking moment with her. The rest of my life to be by her side. I want to have beautiful children with her. I want everything with her she's the love of my life. I'm going to ask her to marry me. But I'm going to ask her dad and check with Louis. I know its old fashioned but that's how I want it.
Lacey's sound asleep in my arms and I start to drift off to sleep.
"Harold!" Louis yells and I can tell he's drunk.
"Shh can't you see your sisters sleeping." I say in a loud whisper.
"My dear little sister she's amazing." He slurs. "She's going to an aunt! El is pregnant! Wooooo!!" He yells again and Lacey stirs in my arms and I gab my boxer briefs and slip out of bed and put my hand over Louis's mouth and walk him out of the room.
"Congrats man but you're really drunk go have a cup of coffee and some water and well talk in the morning." I tell him.
"Fine. Goodnight Harold I love you!" He yells.
"Goodnight Lou. Love you too man." I say and go back in the room and go back into bed and put my arms around Lacey and hold her close to me and slowly fall asleep.
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