long time no see

Melissa Jones ( made the name up ) and her family are moving back to London. she loves One Direction and she is visiting her cousin Harry Styles. Yes it is the Harry Styles. what happens when she gets to go on tour with the band and sees someone she hasn't seen since she was 14 and broke his heart when she moved ?.......... ( first one please no hate)


3. tour bus




         Louis P.O.V


Oh no it is my ex Melissa.. what do i do , Harry never knew that we went out we kept it a secret from everyone. But this was before i tried out for the X Factor. To be honest i was heart broken for months. that is why i tried out for  X Factor because i thought it would help me get over her. It did because i was put into a band called One Direction.  all the boys helped me out about getting over her. Harry and Liam helped the most because they made me happy again.  I tried texting her again to see how she was but i think she got a phone so ya. after about a year or so i started dating a girl names Eleanor Calder. she kinda looked like Melissa her eyes and everything. so when  i saw Melissa i froze and dropped my phone to the floor.










Melissa P.O.V

what do i do? I think  Harry knew something was up because he kept looking back at Louis and back at me. i had to tell him, I gave Louis the look  (we have to tell him look) so me and Louis took Harry to the back of the bus. " Ok Harry look me and Louis need to tell u something"   "Yes Melissa?"   "Harry you know how i was all upset at the X Factor and i told u i was upset when my ex and me broke up?"  "Yes Lou, i do why???" " well me and Melissa................



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