long time no see

Melissa Jones ( made the name up ) and her family are moving back to London. she loves One Direction and she is visiting her cousin Harry Styles. Yes it is the Harry Styles. what happens when she gets to go on tour with the band and sees someone she hasn't seen since she was 14 and broke his heart when she moved ?.......... ( first one please no hate)


1. Melissa Jones

Melissa  POV  : 

Hi I'm Melissa Jones, i am 19 and yes i am moving back to London my parents are buying me a house and my parents are going back to our old house. My parents bought me a house close by my aunt Anne and cousins Harry and Gemma Styles. yes i am part of the styles family. I moved to California when i was 14 for my dad Brandon's job.my mom Julie got transfored to. I dated a  guy who i was in love with until one day my parents told me we were moving and i had to brake up with him. i was sad for about a month then i just started to forget about him. i dated a few guys and then stopped because i had a date like  every night and failed test.yes i like to get good grades.I cant wait to see Harry.


Harry  POV: I cant wait to see my aunt Julie and uncle Brandon and my favorite cousin Melissa. Well you all know me so i don't  have to explain who i am.* cell phone rings it say boobear Louis*

*conversation with Louis*

harry : Hey lou what up? 

Louis: nothing.so i heard one of your cousins is coming, is it true your going to bring her on tour with us?

Harry : ya i am going to bring her on tour *doorbell rings* sorry lou got to go see you tomorrow on the bus.  

*end of conversation* 

yay Melissa is here i am going to ask her. my mom already asked her parents and they said it was fine. ok here is goes Melissa would you like to...............


Melissa POV:

OMG harry just asked me to go on tour with him. ok i said yes now i am tired and have to get up early tomorrow.  *the next day* i am so not used to the time change. i went downstairs to eat some Apple Jacks and a banana. then the bus came. ass soon as i got on the bus i saw someone i knew and dated...........

Louis Tomlinson!



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