Biebs for Keeps?

You're in the story! Follow the story as YOU meet Justin Bieber and YOU capture his broken heart. You just won a free trip to Hollywood and get to spend an entire summer month living in a luxurious hotel, known to be home of some famous celebrities! You didn't expect Justin Bieber there however; and imagine you're surprise when Selena comes over in a week! What would you do?


5. To Meet Again

It is not your room.

You're not even on the right floor. You had staggered into the elevator and ended up one level above your floor. You had somehow stumbled into a room that was left open.

You had walked into an argument.

Justin Bieber is arguing with Harry Styles. Apparently, Selena had told Taylor to talk to Harry to talk to Justin. This can't be good.

"You don't even know. Just think. What you're missing," Harry says.

"It shouldn't be your business, Harry. Just leave me to my room," Justin answers, taking a glance at you as you enter the room.

Harry turns around.

"I'm sorry, I didn't know, wrong floor!" You start to say.

"No, it's cool. I was just leaving." Harry walks to the door, giving you a pat on your back on the way.

Silence follows after Harry leaves. 

"Uhm, obviously this isn't my room, so I'll just go." You make your way out, but...

"Wait! Uh, nice performance tonight. Any chance you'll let me explain what happened just now?"

"Thanks! You too, but there is nothing to explain. I'll take up on your offer though"

"Cool. I'll see you tomorrow. Downstairs at 8?"

"Too early," you smile, "how about 10?" 

"Even better."

Leaving, satisfied, you walk out slowly to Your room.

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