Biebs for Keeps?

You're in the story! Follow the story as YOU meet Justin Bieber and YOU capture his broken heart. You just won a free trip to Hollywood and get to spend an entire summer month living in a luxurious hotel, known to be home of some famous celebrities! You didn't expect Justin Bieber there however; and imagine you're surprise when Selena comes over in a week! What would you do?


4. Show Time!

Taylor Swift! You see her approach the stage in black tights and red blouse, her hair straightened down and a rose placed behind her ear.

Suddenly, you find yourself singing along to her song, "I Knew You Were Trouble". You can't believe it! She goes down the stage and picks you from the audience to come up and perform with her! You sing the last stanza: "I knew you were trouble when you walked in, trouble, trouble, trouble" just as someone sneaks up behind you and gives you flowers. 

It's Justin Bieber! You sing the last word "trouble", but Justin continues the song into his own and immediately sings: "Show you off, Tonight I wanna show you off..." He is singing his solo version of "Beauty and the Beat"! You smile and sing along as he leads you around the stage and dances around you, his swag radiating off into dance moves. This definitely makes your night.  

Jet lagged, you tiredly walk to your room alone. You open the door, but then you suddenly become awake.

You just realize--the door was not locked.

Looking inside only make your eyes grow wider. 

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