Biebs for Keeps?

You're in the story! Follow the story as YOU meet Justin Bieber and YOU capture his broken heart. You just won a free trip to Hollywood and get to spend an entire summer month living in a luxurious hotel, known to be home of some famous celebrities! You didn't expect Justin Bieber there however; and imagine you're surprise when Selena comes over in a week! What would you do?


2. Hotel à Grandeur

Whew! You and Jennifer both made it to Hotel à Grandeur! Both of you had been walking around the cemented sidewalk five blocks away from the huge hotel after the limo driver lost the directions and plus, the limousine broke down. It was tiring alright, but you are too tired and excited to care. When you finally reach the hotel and get through the gold lined revolving glass doors, you take a good look at yourself.

You are sweating a lot from walking in the summer heat. You're wearing a neon blue and purple striped tank top, with navy blue ripped shorts patterned with white stars. Your blush pink flip flops are thick and comfortable with a crimson red outlining it's edges. Combing you hair with your fingers, your shoulders start to relax. You look at Jennifer, both of you smiling widely. Together, you both glance around the hotel.

The hotel lobby itself is huge, and that does not include the space hidden behind the large closed brass doors that are placed at each side of the lobby. You see celebrities walk around, checking in and out. It is like an airport in its somewhat busy day. To the left from the entrance is the front desk. To the far right of the room, Julia Roberts is talking to her manager. Nick Jonas is humming a tune that you don't recognize, probably a new song. Bradley Cooper is chatting with Matthew McConaughey and Camilla Alves. Man, it feels like heaven!

A bellhop takes your suitcases and leads you to the 15th floor of the 30-story building. As he leads you to the elevator, you feel somebody bump you down, You land with a thud against the maroon carpet floor. 

You glance up and your eyes fly open. 



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