Biebs for Keeps?

You're in the story! Follow the story as YOU meet Justin Bieber and YOU capture his broken heart. You just won a free trip to Hollywood and get to spend an entire summer month living in a luxurious hotel, known to be home of some famous celebrities! You didn't expect Justin Bieber there however; and imagine you're surprise when Selena comes over in a week! What would you do?


3. Distracted


"I'm sorry, I got distracted," she quickly replies. Sometimes, you're friend can be nothing but clumsy.

You sigh.

"And what were you distracted by?" You ask. You can see hurt in her eyes and you feel worse than the pain you had felt moments before.

"This," she suddenly lightens up, pointing to the sign next to the elevator:


Tonight: Surprise Celebrity Performance by Your One and Only!  Clue: This performer is fast with a name too good to last. Dates back to hold things most sacred. I bet your tickets won't be wasted.  *Contest winners are entitled to watch all performances for free for the duration of their entire stay.

"We could watch the show and see who the performer is!" Jennifer suggests.

"Good idea!"



Later that night, you dress up into a fancy white short dress with a rippling texture and a slight light blue highlight. Your friend dresses up into her sparkling gold dress with a one sleeve. When you go inside the theatre, it is packed! You hurriedly take a seat in the front, with Jennifer sitting closer to the aisle. You look next to you  in the right and you see Zac Efron! He is wearing a blue long sleeve with jeans.

"Hey, you must be the contest winners," he smiles.

Speechless, you gape with your mouth open and just nod your head.

You look again at what he's wearing and then look at your own outfit. You give a weird look as you say "Too much?"

He just chuckles and puts his arm around you.

The curtains open and the show begins!


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