Biebs for Keeps?

You're in the story! Follow the story as YOU meet Justin Bieber and YOU capture his broken heart. You just won a free trip to Hollywood and get to spend an entire summer month living in a luxurious hotel, known to be home of some famous celebrities! You didn't expect Justin Bieber there however; and imagine you're surprise when Selena comes over in a week! What would you do?


7. Beauty and the Fish

"Hmm, how about going to go meet your parents?"

His smile drops. 

"I'm teasing. I'll never do that. Besides, we haven't even gone to the fun part yet."

"What fun part?" Justin asks, his eyes glinting in the hotel skylight. 

"I was hoping you know..." You reply, looking down.

"Ha!," he laughs. "Just relax. You had me there for a moment. And, don't worry, I know exactly what we're gonna do."

"Should I be worried?" You raise your eyebrows as he leads you out of the hotel.


"Woohoo!" You scream. You ride down the slide, the water rushing underneath you and pushing you down. Justin sits behind you and holds you tight.

"This is fun! This is another great way to spend the day."

"The first being?" You ask curiously.

"Roller coasters! They're sick!" He laughs, "no, literally."

You both slide out into the sun, the only brightness that seem to end it all.

Splash! You dip down under and feel yourself holding your breath against your wish. 

Justin has just kissed you.

You swim up and look at him. "Whoa," you feel your heart melting while the water washes your body cold, "what just happened?"

"I don't know. Some fish kissed a beautiful air tight-holding blow fish, I guess" he shrugs while chuckling at his own joke.

"Gosh, you-" at a loss for words, you splashed him.

"Missed!" He sputters water out of his mouth and says, "race you to the Vortex!"

"You're on!"

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